eBay Terminates Checks and Money Orders

Claims To Have Done So for Security Reasons

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Today eBay announced via FAQ that starting in late October, the only acceptable payment methods to use when purchasing items on the auction site will be:

– PayPal

– Credit or debit card payment to seller

– ProPay, or

– Payment upon pickup

That basically means no checks or money orders. They claim they’re doing this to provide users with a more "secure checkout experience". Ironically, I know some people that won’t even use eBay or PayPal because they don’t want to provide credit/debit card information for security purposes. Valleywag suggests an ulterior motive anyhow:


Now you must used one of the approved electronic methods, especially PayPal and certainly not Google Checkout or Checkout by Amazon. Makes business sense: Mail transactions are probably a sink on customer service resources, as payments don’t arrive or bounce when they do. And eBay earns no vigorish from check or money order transactions as it does with PayPal, marginally increasing per-transaction profit…

As Valleywag subtly points out, there are some exceptions to eBay’s payment policy rule. Items like automobiles, heavy machinery, real estate, and "mature audiences" items will be excluded from the new requirements.

Most sellers are probably fine with the new rules so they can receive faster payments. eBay suggests that buyers will be more confident in their purchases this way as well. In the long run, it’s going to piss some people off, but it’s also going to make some people feel better. You can’t please everyone, and the people that have a problem will have to get over it. That is unless, there is enough uproar to make eBay backtrack on its decision like with the whole PayPal-only in Australia thing.

eBay Terminates Checks and Money Orders
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  • Guest

    They are only doing it to fatten up their greedy corporate pockets with paypal who is also floundering in the market. No thanks!

  • Guest

    New to buying on ebay, I ONLY buy from sellers who accept money orders.  Prompt payment on my part will get me my items faster. Otherwise, why would a seller ship an item out upon receiving a check/money order without seeing if it will go through or not?  I think it should be between the seller and buyer.

    Obviously, ebay is looking for more slices of pie.

  • http://www.e-commercewebdesign.co.uk Adam – Ecommerce Website Design

    As much as I hate the way Papal take a cut of all my sales, I think that if it was compulsory, it would make the system a lot more secure. Money would no longer be unobtainable.

  • panflute

    This is just another fine example of corporate greed. I have been a member of Ebay a long time and keep seeing thier fees rise and their strategies being refined all too increase their bottom line. Last year they were the most sucessful rising profitable company in the USA, yet they again raised their rates. These attitudes and practices are the things putting our country under. Maybe its time for an economic revolution. Maybe a new auction site will emerge to give us another option other than to deal with Ebay and their corporate greed. When they say they are making changes to serve the people, but in reality are serving themselves, then you know what side of the street they reside on. 

    • http://www.herbs4-u.com Guest

      There is another auction to place Ebay.

      Its Epier.com , it runs like ebay but alot cheaper, with no posting fees

      • http://www.100tonsofstuff.com DAJ

        There are several new auction sites – one is ebid.net which seems to be doing very well & was in the news by Auctionbytes.com earlier this week.

        Ck it out.

        Payments: I accept PayPal – USA & International, US money orders & US personal checks and cash. My website has been up for several years & I recommend all of the complainers here to either leave eBay – (I still have an account but have not listed for about a year), find another auction house, or set up your own website – lots of website profucts out there & they are not hard to learn.

        You will then be able to set your own standards & keep much more of your sales dollars.


  • http://easyadshowplace.com Glenn

    I understand the checks I don’t take them anyway, but I have lots of customers that still prefer money orders

    • Guest

      I have always payed by Money order on Bank Check, the one time I used Paypal they took my $$ from the account & I never received the product I purchased & the seller suddenly disappeared. Go Figure, PayPal did nothing for me & either did Ebay

  • Cherie

    I’m a long time ebay seller (power seller at that), and the majority of my items are high priced (over $2K). I’ve always been leary of accepting personal checks, money orders, and bank/cashier’s checks for fear of them being stolen, NFS, forged, counterfiet, etc… I ALWAYS accepted Paypal… and I ALWAYS accept US postal money orders. No holding, no waiting to clear. The USPS money order is good as cash. It’s not even recommended a seller lets a buyer pay with paypal if they are picking it up in person. (No way to verify they picked it up, not even if you have a signature from the customer). So cash or USPS MO is the only safe option. My thinking… Ebay wants a bigger piece of the pie

  • Guest

    Ebay and Paypal are getting too big for their britches. Now they are telling the sellers how they should accept payments. If someone doesn’t have credit cards, they are left out of the market. I use to sell on ebay and found that if I didn’t sell my products for more than 50% above my cost, paypal and ebay ate up any profit I got. Now they want to limit how many people can buy. If a seller allows money orders, paypal doesn’t get any part of the profit that they would get if the payment went thru paypal. If a seller requires a U.S.POSTAL MONEY ORDER, they are just as secure as any credit card payment. In fact I trust the U.S.POSTAL MONEY ORDER more than credit cards because so many credit cards are stolen. I’ve had so many scammers wanting to buy my products with a paypal acct. I tell them I don’t use paypal. If the scammer sends me a cashiers check, I contact the bank on the check, I can usally find out if it is legit. A money order from the Post Office, when I go to cash it, they can tell you if it is legit right there. So, I will not let this controlling monopoly of a company force me to sell their way.

  • http://www.sarasvacshack.com Sara M

    Absolutely ridiculous!  I have had it out with ebay reps on this subject, only to have them repeat the script provided by ebay over and over.  We have accepted checks and money orders, even cash sometimes since selling online.  Total number of NSF’s and bad checks? NONE  Total number of chargebacks due to "unauthorised" transactions? 25   This is simply another way for ebay to pad the pocket book, nothing more.

  • http://www.web-sem.com Guest

    Is another reason I’m glad I moved from being a platinum ebay seller to ola.com which is a great auction site with wonderful potential in the long run just needs more people over there but I’m patient as they have a huge following and I think some day might actually give ebay a run for their money.

  • http://www.premiernetclicks.com CSSteve

    Ebay has no real competition for people to leave them for when they go to far. So, until they do, the consumer is at their mercy.

  • http://checking-account.info David U

    Cheques should be finally eliminated from all transactions. In Australia, cheques are regarded as a "JOKE" by most business. I haven”t written one or accepted a personal one in years. Australia has 5 million PayPal account holders and I have not had any problems accepting their transactions.  I would rather upset the occassional "DINOSAUR" wanting to use a cheque (The correct spelling by the way) , than to have to deal with all the dud ones.

    What I tell the "DINOSAURS" to do is get a Pre-Paid Visa DEBIT Card (Available from Service stations, Post offices) and use it Online.


    • if U don’t want my $$ I can’t make U take it

      Charming customer service ethic you have there, David U. No doubt the adage "the customer comes first" is "so OLD SCHOOL" to you as well. Would you like to post your seller name here so that all can watch for your listings in the future?

    • http://crazycraponebay.blogspot.com/ Crazy Crap on eBay Blog

      Yes, checks are prehistoric but on a few occasions I had to send money orders to sellers because my Paypal account was frozen through no fault of my own but some sercurity verification letter that took forever to come from Paypal.

      I use Paypal 99% of the time.

      My friend use to use Paypal but then her account was hikacked and it was a huge hassle to fix. Now she only uses checks or money orders on eBay.

      So what if checks and money orders are old fashioned. If some customers feel more comfortable using them, shouldn’t sellers have the right to publicly accept checks and money orders??

      Just my opinion.

      Karen Closkey

  • Don – Ebay store owner

    I don’t know where these people get off dictating rule after rediculous rule trying to pinch every stinking nickel out of our pockets. I have never had a bad check or money order. I do not insist my customers must have a PayPal account. Although I have never had a problem as a buyer or seller with PayPal, I believe it is a "convenience" service, and I am willing to pay a fee for that convenience. But I do NOT believe that any buyer should be forced to pay a fee when they have a perfectly good check. If this rule goes through, I will likely start looking at other auction sites, as I firmly believe that eBay has overstepped its original mandate and purpose: to offer a reasonably priced online auction forum where anyone can sell nearly anything to anyone else, period. Forcing everyone to use PayPal for "their own protection" is a poor smokescreen for their obvious purpose: generate more fees at our expense. It seems a name change might be in order; eBay should change its name to Big Brother. They are watching you right now write that check, and they’re p.o’d they aren’t going to get that extra 39 cents. BACK OFF EBAY!!!!  Your rates and policies get more rediculous with every corporate meeting. You are going to start driving sellers away, and hows the bottom line going to look then???

  • http://www.mfnb.at Guest

    All those sellers who are ok with paypal need to get
    a few charge backs. i.e. they supply genuine goods
    and the buyer complains, or returns them damaged,
    or just gets their money back, via paypal. 

    A good few of these will change their minds, without
    even considering the fees! Definitely not good for sellers.

  • Guest

    I’m not a lawyer, but by Ebay forcing only one source of payment, Paypal, which they own, aren’t they crossing the line and no longer just a VENUE for sellers like they always claim in their law suits ? Ebay has never given a rats tail about anyone but Ebay, and certainly not their bread and butter, the sellers.  Sellers are fed up with Ebay and closing their accounts left and right, including power sellers. They no longer have their own business, they’re working for Ebay with all their rules and policies etc. Ebay reduced the insertion fees, only to pick it up on the other end forcing Paypal payments.  Ebay doesn’t support their sellers, only the buyers, so then let the buyers pay Ebay, because without sellers Ebay’s out of business.


  • Guest

    Only if you’re stupid enough to ship the product before it clears.  On the other hand, Paypal can do a chargeback and they’re nothing you can do about it, even when the buyer is lying,.  You’re out the product, and the money.

  • eBay Hater

    I stopped selling on eBay and I only use PayPal to send a payment. I grew tired of eBay policies and tatics that I just closed all of my accounts and will never regret it. eBay and PayPal can kiss my _________(fill in the blank).

    • Guest


  • http://www.iripoff.com Guest

    It never ceases to amaze me how some people think that it isn’t in a seller’s  interest to accept checks. First of all, my grandmother, god bless her soul now that she is gone would have never figured out how paypal worked. She would have however used a check to pay for an item. Now, that probably only hurts about 4 % of a seller’s sales. But then you got to remember, there is probably another 6% who simply don’t want to sign up to paypal because of id theft. After all, there is hardly a day that goes by without getting one of those spoofed email from paypal or so-called paypal verification notices in an attempt to obtain my screen name and login information.

    Now, As a seller…. gee.. due to this additional change in ebay’s system. I am going to be losing 10% of sales.

    Oh… forgot those Paypal fee’s. Now let’s not forget those and all those chargebacks and then all those buyers who claim that their package never arrived and filed a complaint with paypal and paypal awarded them their money back (Even though they received their item)….

    This seems like a good reason to leave ebay doesn’t it?

    As a former power seller that paid 4,000.00 in ebay fees a month.. I left ebay after their feedback changes and have never looked back. I do better with my own site than I ever did on ebay.

    I can deal with customers better. I can choose how I want to get paid. I can let buyers decide how to pay and bottom line, I can make more money and allow my buyers to get items cheaper without having to worry about listing fees, paypal fees, end-of auction fees…..

    Who are we kidding, ebay is history!



  • Guest

    All I can say is EBAY OPENED UP A CAN OF WORMS by doing this this is staight discrimination   a thats all there is to it


  • Guest

    While I do agree with you some what I still see problems occurring

    #1 in order to use Paypal you have setup an account there #2 Money has to be in it #3 they charge to take money out of the account I see this as more of a hassle then a help yes people are PayPal savvy won’t have a problem but those who are not will get left out in the cold and we want people to user the Internet so it needs to be a user friendly as possible don’t you agree!!!!

  • nygrump

    this is ebay’s way of getting rid of a ten year customer.  I don’t do paypal. it is not a bank.  thats a very dumb business plan.  stockholders should be in an uproar. 

  • http://www.EmergencyPower.com Ron

    I’m done with eBay. This is the last straw.  There is no seller protection.  It is far too easy for buyers to defraud sellers and do chargebacks. With all the fees we currently pay ebay and paypal it is just not worth it anymore. 




  • CJ78

    Ebay is getting outrageous in every way.  Most people don’t accept checks or money oders as it is, but that should be up to the seller if they want to take that chance.  Their fees have been getting more and more outrageous that as a seller you get 8.75% up to 15% taken from your selling price on top of the insertion fees.  I cancelled my Ebay store a few years ago when they jumped the listing fees in that from 2 cents up to 35 cents per item (sorry, it’s been awhile so i’m not 100% positive on the price, but it’s pretty close if not).  Back on track… As a seller you are also having to pay the PayPal fees (which any payment merchant WILL charge).  By the time a seller has finished an auction – You’ve lost your insertion fee, final value fee, any additional upgrade fees, and the paypal fees which leaves many sellers to loose money and filling up the pockets of Ebay as well.  As most other I have been looking into other options to sell out side of Ebay to avoid this financial disaster.  Anyone with an Ebay store should check out ecrater.com – FREE online store and no listing fees.  They have been around for awhile now.  Ebay needs to seriously re-think their fees as everyone is looking for other places to go.  Now with loosing the option to use checks or money orders it is going to hurt buyers and seller alike.

    • Guest Been there/Done that

      CJ78 is right on.  I cancelled my eBay store several years ago as fees ate up profits and you could not sell anything in my field unless it was cost or below.  Not much profit in that.

      I just took the PayPal pay option off our commercial web site after having them disable our service through an error on their part.  It took over a month to get the problem taken care of which involved over 50 phone calls to people who speak poor or very poor English.  Everyone wanted to blame the problem on my site and customers.  The problem was they had somehow for unknown reasons changed our email address in their records to my site so an order notification from them bounced back as undelivered.  They refused to take responsibility for their actions in spite of the service working fine for years then all of a sudden not working at all.

      Their customer service consists of making phone numbers hard to find if at all, making the customer service toll free number almost impossible to find, blaming it on everyone but them and wanting to do nothing to fix the problem.

      They could not even correctly identify email as real or fraud.  I sent them several emails I received from PayPal, each one regarding an order a customer attempted to place using PayPal as the pay option.  Since they had disabled our service the email I received from them was inviting me to join PayPal and get paid for the order placed on our site with PayPal as the pay method.  PayPal kept insisting the emails were fraudulent when I sent copied to their fraud address.  On one hand they were asking me to join PayPal even though I already had an account and on the other hand they claimed the invites to join were fraud emails and the links were to bad sites.  What dumb, stupid boobs in their fraud department.  They should also take a real class in speaking English.

      eBay/PayPal is a joke as far as I am concerned, interested in nothing but their profits.  Anyone know of other good on-line payment companies?



  • ChicagoGal

    that when anyone or any company tells you this is good for YOU, a red flag should go up!

    In this economic time, limits to how items are paid for, shouldn’t even be considered!

    Sellers should have an option instead of Ebay, making the decisions.  So as a seller, I have the option to leave, as a Buyer, I will go someplace else.

    Ebay is losing business, but they still think that they are the BIG Gorilla and can do what they want.

    Sure hope the other sites take off, and take off soon!



  • Guest

    Why would anybody think PayPal only payments are more secure than personal checks? If the check doesn’t clear—you don’t ship. Simple as that. PayPal only benefits only on place EBAY AND EBAY alone–more money in their pocket since they own PayPal. They have everything messed up bad enough already—more non paying buyers than ever before. I just spent a week looking at listings with no bids–wondered what the devil was wrong. Come to find out my listings never showed up in the parent catagory like they should. You could only find my listings if you went to "refined search". Buyers only look there as a last resort if the don’t find what they want in the main catagory. So little or no income for me this week. Oh yeah, Ebay is giving me a credit–big deal. Had to close all my listings and relist for next week. That’s a big help–didn’t even give me an apology. Been two days–still no credit either.The business of not giving bad buyers a neg is driving me nutty.

  • Guest

    I never even thought of Ebay as an option. I am a college student and I prefer to use other sites like skoolboy.com that allow me to list my books for free. They use paypal but at least they have a reasonable 4% flat fee. Its a pretty new site but I think they have the right idea. Ebay is becoming just like other public companies, whatever it takes to satisfy shareholders and beat last quarter and beat estimates.

  • Guest

    I worked hard as a buyer,making sure my 1200+ feedbacks were carried out,payed! as a buyer I always felt ebay favored the seller,till I sold stuff an saw how I was bound to rules an regulations,but I stuck it out,realized that as a buyer knew some sellers might be shady,but most wernt,and some are dam good,I was shocked when I heard the news now I have to be forced to support a system I dont like or believe in banks!!I hope someone smart out there restores the fun an freedoms I have enjoyed of buying items the way I choose,money order,(start a new site) an give ebay something to think about,it took 6 years to get back into my pay pal account,no password access till recently,a new site is needed!!!

  • http://www.cactustactical.com Guest

    Former ebay power seller with 1000’s of sales.   The continuing trend of squeezing fees forced us to leave ebay this year. We now sell on several other auction sites as well as through our refined web store.  they don’t seem to get it,  ebay addresses their declining revenue by increasing fees and angering their formerly loyal seller base.  A few years from now, people will wonder what happened to ebay similiar to other former business giants.



    good riddance.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/highfructosecornsyrup cchiovitti

    My mother has been buying collectibles on eBay for about 7 years now to the tune of $200 a month. Every month. And every single purchase has been with a money order. She or the sellers have never had a single problem. Now, I guess she won’t be purchasing ANYTHING via eBay anymore. Pretty elitist, considering that many, many people do not or will not maintain a credit card or PayPal account due to not trusting those types of institutions. I don’t think many big wigs realize that a large proportion of our economy is a cash one. So many people cash their paychecks and pay all of their bills with money orders.

    • http://www.geocities.com/rldbusfinserv2002/ Rodney L Dorsey Sr

      You are right. Because of the Check system banks uses it is hard for anyone who have no less than good credit to get a bank account now days. That leaves a great deal of those who have no choice but to use money orders for their purchases.

      Things are getting worse for the banks because of their policies. The number of bank robberies have gone up. The number of forged checks are on the rize. Things are getting worse everyday and the ones who will suffer the most is the small business owners.

  • Guest

    I have a 100% feedback. My daughter was in bad standing on her account with paypal. She purchased an item and used my compuuter to pay for iy on  my account. They suspended my account and wanted me to pay the 600.00 she owed paypal before they would reinstate my account. They interlinked us as one person!  Even though me telling them this was npy me that owed them moneu. So fior the last 2 yrs i have had to purchase with moneu  orders and cashiers check. They don’t  value custmers! They think they are above evryone else and their_______ don’t stink! Maybe not but they do!

  • Guest

    wow…..ebay really has crapped on its sellers….and I hope they crash and burn for all the shit they are doing to others

  • Guest

    This policy was pushed by the U.S. Government with help of Senator Christopher Dodd. The government wants all electronic transactions tracked, and if you have over 200 transactions a year and or $10,000 in sales the information will now be turned over to the IRS starting Jan. 2010. Paper payments throw a wrench in there new plan, so just decided to do away with them. This will be the kiss of death for all involved. And the 200 transactions will include all transactions including shipping services you purchase with Pay Pal.

    • Jim Luedke

      Why is it I never hear mention of PayPal’s quasi-fraudulent policy of attempting to debit your bank account on EVERY payment you make–even though your credit card is registered with them? 

      I’ve been using PayPal for some years, and unless my account is set up wrong or something, every payment defaults to bank debit, and you cannot change that default. So every time, you must remember to change the method of payment from direct debit to credit card. On top of that, eBay then throws up a pathetic nuisance screen, righteously asking, "Are you SURE you want to pay by credit card? Bank debit is so much more convenient; it’s secure; it makes us more profit; quack quack." 

      Forget to override this sickening default (as I’ve done at least once), and your payment is deducted electronically from your bank account instead of your credit card. You’d better happen to have enough in the bank to cover it. (There are other dawn-of-the-computing-era faults with the PayPal interface. If you recall, until just a couple of years ago, the Cretins didn’t even verify the identity of the merchant after you made a payment; all they said was, "You’ve just made a payment!") 

      So I add my voice to that of the other thousands: let the increasing stench of eBay’s business practices drive more and more people off. 

      And if it is true that eBay tried to ram a PayPal-only policy down Australia’s gullet, then goddamn eBay and good for the Aussies. 


  • Guest

    and i was a seller and went to website only. I HATE ebay and paypal. paypal is tyrannical and getting worse. They dont like that we dont sell on ebay apparently.

    now ANY upcoming or fast catching on payment method other than paypal just gets BOUGHT up by ebay/paypal.

    this is illegal and i dont care about technicalities. it is an illuminati type approach to NO competition so you can charge what you want and KEEP the poeple as slaves to the system.

    thats why i left ebay. we were slaves to the insane monthly payments just to ebay. $800.00 + a month and this was over  years ago.

    im sick of them.

    civil disobediance people  THAT is the only thing that will stop tyrants.

    no one likes this but ebay/paypal. IF i dont have a paypal account, well screw EBAY, and their merch. I dont NEED them. there are PLENTY of websites and the … competition… like BRICK AND MORTAR STORES! i will pay less. for now.

    final answer.


    • Nancy

      I have been a powerseller with ebay for over 6 years. I have done millions of dollars with them. I like many are getting sick and tired of being screwed as a seller. I would love it if anyone could help me in the direction of making my website successful. I can’t seem to get the traffic to my site. I would love to leave ebay all together but I need help! Anyone that could help I would appreciate it. My email address is smiilee@charter.net.


  • Denise

    I just started with e bay a few months back, and I feel better if I was paying with a money order. I do not care for people to go into my account and take anything out of my account. It’s my account, and my business to choose how I’m going to pay for my bills, items I’ve won, whatever. I think this is an control issue, and I can control my spending a lot better if I was using money order only. I’m going to hunt around for another place that does something like ebay, and If I find it.. I will make sure it’s money order, and other options as well. I know this is all about an trust issue, but who can trust anyone these days. You have to trust the seller and well as the buyer. We all need to be protected, and I feel better off leaving ebay after this goes into effect, because. This isn’t fair to a person who does pay on time with money order options. I won’t pay with a personal check, so what makes them think I am going to pay with a paypal account. Do I have to pay fees to use a paypal account, and will the seller be honest about getting there payment? Every seller I’ve came across on ebay has been nothing nice, and I like to keep it as an option to pay how you choose to pay. The world is full of dishonest people, and I know I am not one of those dishonest people. If I won and item.. Then it’s my business on how I pay for that item. I think ebay has no say so in how you choose to do business with these buyer’s at all. That the way I feel about this whole issue..

  • john



    • KATHY


  • austway

    Currently, I’m still able to do business with sellers who are willing to accept money orders.  Once that stops, I’m done spending money with eBay sellers forever, although I’m already avoiding ebay for holiday shopping because of the unnecessary hassle of having to contact each and every seller I may want to use to clear payment plans in advance. Sellers who want to keep long-time ebay shoppers would be wise to challenge this policy change via group action directly against ebay and should seek intervention from the Better Business Bureau (with whom ebay enjoys endorsement) and from Federal Trade Commission on grounds of anti-trust. Authorities in Australia struck down ebay’s PayPal policy on similar grounds and it could happen here, but it’s going to be up to sellers to take action before they lose customers.

  • Guest


    • KATHY


  • Hannah

    Three years with 100% feedback, buying and selling on ebay with mostly money orders.
    It looks like ebay has sold out to the coming one world monetary system. It is one step closer by doing this.
    I am guessing they think anybody who deals in money orders and not in their system is not privy enough to be on their site. Wow!
    Guess its time to find another auction site who accepts all forms of payment. Paypal is greedy and google is selling us all out in the name of terrorism.
    Check out www.prisonplanet.com and see how these companies and others like them are slowly taking away our options to buy and sell.

  • http://crazycraponebay.blogspot.com/ Crazy Crap on eBay Blog

    Technically sellers can still accept checks and money orders but the buyer must request it, you can’t mention that in your listing. CRAZY?!?!?

    “A seller can accept check and money order payment from a buyer if (and only if) the buyer requests it. We will not take action against a seller who is trying to accommodate their buyer, complete a sale and be in compliance with the policy. Sellers cannot in any way solicit check or money order payment from a buyer. ” WHAT IS THIS- ASK, DON’T TELL?

    Now I have to answer a million emails about accepting checks and money orders because I can’t darn well mention that in my listing. Absurd, isn’t it?

    What about INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS from countries like China? When I sell to them I am not covered under Paypal seller protection policy- “The transaction must be between a US, UK or Canadian buyer and a US, UK or Canadian seller.”

    WHAT!?!?! Normally I would demand international buyers send an international money order or Western Union for expensive purchases so I don’t get a chargeback from Paypal if they are unscrupulous. But now I must accept Paypal and cross my fingers I don’t lose my money and the goods.

  • Pheba

    I have been a buyer on E-Bay for many years. I have over 800 99.9% positive feedback rating.
    I only sold on E-Bay for a brief time. I quickly figured out the math and realized that after listing fees, packing materials, etc., that I was not making enough money to merit the work.
    Selling on E-Bay is hard work. There was only one bad transaction out of over 800, thus the 99.9 rating.
    Most sellers go out of their way to be gracious to customers.
    I have purchased daughter’s nursing shoes, my shoes, computer games, books, sewing supplies, and on and on.
    Now I am done.
    I had a PayPal account which I canceled a year ago. I lost over $130.00 with the PayPal system. The PayPal system kept debiting my checking account, even though I noted I wanted payments taken from the PayPal account. What a mess.
    To all of the wonderful sellers on E-bay I bid a fond and heartsick farewell.
    Your hard work has made my life easier. I have been able to purchase usable items for family and friends at greatly reduced prices.
    Last summer when gas prices were so high it was nice to be able to stay at home and shop online.
    I always paid with a postal money order and never had a problem.
    E-Bay is the bully on the playground. They need a comeuppance.

  • Guest




  • Guest

    I just now found out about the no money order policy from E-bay. I closed my account. Good Bye E-bay!

  • Guest

    I can Buy Porn and vibrators with a money order but not my medical supplies?


  • miss anonymous

    well that explains why i havent seen the check/money order option. i didnt know about that until now. this sucks, now i cant buy ANYTHING and i really want an item on there! ebay sucks now, not everyone has a f*cken credit card for god sakes!!! its not fair, i been using ebay since 2006 and have always bought with money orders! i hope they know that they took something away from alot of people, like me. it was the only site i could buy from…i dont know of any other sites that accept checks/money orders. f*ck you ebay!! 😐

  • Guest

    I’ve always found treasure on eBay that I could never find anywhere else (Goodwill, thrift stores, yard sales, etc)… I can still “treasure hunt” that’s for sure, but now I can’t get my hands on anymore treasure – PayPal only? Why don’t I just hand over my credit card to an identity thief and save everybody the trouble?

  • Guest

    fuckin ebay, what about those of us who can only pay by using checks or money orders?

  • Charlie

    I’m a little late to this discussion, as I just found out that selling under this policy will cost me another 5% everytime. I was just getting ready to list a bunch of stuff after not having sold for a while. Is it a flat 5% from PayPal? What a #$@%& ripoff!
    I’m sick of all the bells and whistles they keep adding too. Let’s get back to basics! Typical technies, think they know what everyone needs and wants.

  • Guest

    Hey, just found this site, am new to eBay selling. Set up my first adCommerce ads last week, was suspended 5 days later. Just followed info from a power seller in UK who had done the same as I was taught. Cannot understand what I did wrong, so went to have a close look at YOUR USER AGREEMENT. See Content below.
    Have You All Read THIS????????????????

    When you give us content, you grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise any and all copyright, publicity, trade marks, database rights and intellectual property rights you have in the content, in any media known now or in the future. In addition, you waive all moral rights you have in the content to the fullest extent permitted by law.

    In other words we agree to let EBAY steal anything of value so that they can make even easier profits!!

    PS.I was just comparing eBay/Illuminati at the time…

  • Guest

    eBay is an unethical giant that will do anything LEGAL behind a corporate screen in order to make money. Ethics NEVER come into play. MORALITY never comes into play. The management of eBay believes they do not need to be moral or ethical in any of their actions because – HEY – IT’S NOT THEM YOU KNOW – IT’S THE ‘COMPANY’ that’s responsible. HEY – they’re ‘just doing their job’ – NOT their problem!! Doesn’t matter HOW many people eBay or Paypal screw (they screwed me out of several hundred dollars by believing a scumbag purchaser who for some reason decided he didn’t want the antique necklace I sent , so he broke it irrepairably and sent it back – saying it was broken when he got it)! I thought I was protected with Paypal’s ‘seller protection’ — HA! NOT! They asked me for evidence which I sent and then Paypal sent the info to the BUYER’s credit card company. THAT’S who makes the decision whether or not a buyer has acted properly – the BUYER’s banker!!!! Now, who do you think will ALWAYS win that?

    eBay is full of unethical and immoral assholes who should be ashamed of themselves for stooping so low as to work for such a company! Hey – you assholes – it IS you – it is NOT the company – that makes these decisions. You can’t hide from the truth. Quit now before your soul is damned for eternity!!!!

  • eBay Sucks!

    I’ve bought and sold over a hundred items on eBay ranging from camera lenses from Hong Kong to a $4000 saxophone, all by using money orders and checks. I currently have a 100% positive feedback rating, and have never had a problem with a transaction. I tried PayPal and within less than a year had to cancel the credit card linked to the account because of the many unauthorized charges, even after I “canceled” the PayPal account. eBay’s forced use of PayPal interferes with the freedom of choice that should be a right of the persons involved directly in the transaction. It’s none of eBay’s business if I and a seller choose to use a check, money order or a canvas bag full of pennies.

    Anyone who continues to use eBay after this deserves all the crap they get. Come on people, wise up! Just quit using eBay or shut up as they continue to F**k you over. Anyone who continues to use eBay and/or PayPal is clearly stupid, and deserves no better. Get over it and just say NO.

    eBay sucks! eBay is dead. eBay sucks! eBay is dead. come-on, repeat it now.

  • eBay sucks1

    Didn’t know eBay was using this sort or redirection, but it must be relevent to this thread. eBay sucks even more than I thought.

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