eBay Goes Green With Launch Of New Site

By: Mike Sachoff - September 3, 2008

eBay has launched a new ecommerce marketplace called WorldofGood.com, which offers environmentally friendly products.

eBay says the site will offer products made from recycled or natural materials and that all the products will carry environmental or fair trade certifications from the company’s partners. All product makers are required to have certification before they are allowed to sell on the site.


The launch of WorldofGood.com is eBay’s attempt to capitalize on the estimated $206 billion fair trade and green products industry. Shoppers on the site will have more information about where the products come from, how they were made, and the impact they have on the environment.

"We created the WorldofGood.com marketplace to enable shoppers to purchase socially responsible products with confidence," said Robert Chatwani, general manager of WorldofGood.com by eBay.

"Regardless of the social causes most important to consumers, they can easily shop for items according to a variety of different attributes, allowing them to customize their shopping impact."

All WorldofGood listings will also be available on eBay. The site has social aspects that allow shoppers to post on discussion boards and Q&A forums. It will also feature blog posts and articles on environmentally friendly products.

"WorldofGood.com by eBay gives shoppers who care about making a difference access to great products that help people and the planet," said Lorrie Norrington, president of eBay Marketplaces. "Socially responsible shopping just got bigger and better."

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  • http://www.alsoshop.com Guest

    Too little too late for FEEbay. Their corporate greed has gotten in the way for to long, its alienated those of us who actually made them. (Who they forgot about).

    I myself use http://www.alsoshop.com – And other auction alternatives, and have never looked back at the fee beast!

  • Guest

    So what to do if you are a failing internet company. You lose market share to amazon and other online retailers that are more reliable and more fair to thier retailers. 


    Well if you are done scamming the developed wold, why not just go after the undeveloped one.  Of course the third party certifers are happy to get thier cut.  Who really thinks that cutting down trees in Guatemala and paying artisians to sodder in a hut in africa is a good idea.  I myself will be buying  american and helping with microfianance and direct development.  Rather than linning ebays pockets with green to line some kids body with Lead or destroy more haitat in the developing world. 



  • http://www.interioranswers.com/index.html Interior Design Consultant

    hooray for eBay going green :)