E3 2012: Sound Shapes Coming To PS3 & PS Vita


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E3 is usually centered around the big players within the industry, but that shouldn't be a gamer's only interest. There are plenty of small projects that deserve a look and Sony is showing off one of them today before things get too hectic.

Sony announced today on the PlayStation blog that its upcoming musical platformer, Sound Shapes, would be hitting both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on August 7. The game features the music and visual stylings of numerous artists which most famously include Jim Guthrie who is most well known for his work on the soundtrack for Sword and Sworcery.

As mentioned, the game will be available on both the PS3 and PS Vita. This allows for the magic of crossplay to occur. This is Sony's bid to get players to buy two copies of the game for both platforms so that players can sync their saves between the two devices and continue their game where they left off. So play a few levels in the morning before work and take it with you to work on the Vita.

Of course, such a concept would probably turn off most gamers. Why should I buy the same game twice, especially when those games cost $50 to $60 a piece. Thankfully, Sound Shapes will only be $15 for both platforms and it seems that the game has enough content to warrant $30.

Check out the trailer below where Jim Guthrie plays through the level featuring his own fantastic music: