Driving For iTunes

    November 22, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A site sponsored by Ford Motor Company offers education on driving safety and hazards for young drivers, and rewards users for passing a quiz on their knowledge.

Ten free iTunes downloads can be had from Ford’s Driving Skills for Life site, an effort partnering the car maker with the Governors Highway Safety Association.

The site reviews four key areas that figure prominently in auto accidents. Younger drivers tend to have more crashes than other age groups, and education has to be able to provide a gateway to safe driving habits that experience can reinforce.

Education can be boring, especially to a younger audience. Ford seems to feel an enticement to learn better driving skills can help get the message to more young drivers. Considering the massive popularity of the iTunes Music Store, and the Apple iPod media players, their choice of reward looks sensible.

Apple wants to maintain that popularity. The company today made a deal with flash memory makers to preorder $1.25 billion in NAND flash memory. “We want to be able to produce as many of our wildly popular iPods as the market demands,” Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, said in a statement.

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