DMOZ Mob Strikes Again

    August 28, 2007

This weekend I was reading about Shoemoney being extorted by a DMOZ editor. I thought: heck, I’m a DMOZ editor, I don’t want to be associated with stuff like that, let’s see if I can do anything to help. So I posted something like that in the commentthread to the above post, and I added a note to Shoemoney’s URL in DMOZ asking why the URL was removed.

Now pay attention: within 36 hours after doing that, my account was disabled!

I’d put quite some work into that account; I was editing 9 categories at the time my account was disabled. I did NOT put all that hard work into it for some meta to come along and ban me on sight when he sees something he doesn’t like, without sending ANY email or other notification.

If AOL is serious about wanting to improve DMOZ, this would be a good place to start. For now, I’ll join the crowd of people saying Google should stop using DMOZ. Of course there are editors who do a good job, but these mob like practices make it impossible to work with and for.

Login removed screenshot
Screenshot of my DMOZ profile

Update: Having seen some of the discussion in the DMOZ forums, it looks like I was banned because I had BOOKMARKED, with the simple reason of wanting to add a note to it… My god.