DMOZ Integrity Questioned By Editor

    June 2, 2005

The Open Directory Project better known as DMOZ has long been a mainstay of the internet directory world.

In fact, DMOZ is usally considered the most important of all internet directories.

I recommend submitting your blog to DMOZ for both the incoming link value and for potential visitor traffic.

The Open Directory Project has become much more blog friendly in the past year. There is even a special category for blogs.

I provide information on successful submission to the Open Directory Project in several different posts. They range from basic DMOZ directory submission to advanced DMOZ directory submission

That said, there are allegedly some internal problems at DMOZ, that if they are even partially accurate, could spell some problems for the directory in the near future.

A new blog called Corrupt DMOZ Editor (via Search Engine Guide) alleges bribery of editors to gain entry into the directory, to charges of editors sabotaging competitors sites entry and existinglistings, and possible rampant editor corruption.

Other blogs and websites continue in the same vein.

A DMOZ Editor Speaks is a small website where a former editor makes similar claims. In a blatant take off from the DMOZ site design, the parody site called NMOZ sends all links back to Corrupt DMOZ Editor.

I am not sure if the sites are related in any way.

Another blog that picks up similar themes is My DMOZ Fan Page where even more editor corruption is alleged.

There is also a post presenting the author’s opinion of why it takes so long for a site to be listed in DMOZ.

If any of these allegations are even remotely true, there might indeed be some problems with some of the volunteer editors at the Open Directory Project.

Note that all editors at DMOZ are unpaid volunteers.

While there might be a few bad apples, the vast majority of editors are hard working and contientious at their job. They work hard to create the best possible directory, including as many deserving sites as possible.

Regardless of the alleged improprieties, I still recommend submitting your blog or website to DMOZ.

Don’t worry about charges of corruption, as it’s highly doubtful they will affect your site submission in any way.

I recently submitted a client’s site to the Open Directory Project, and it was accepted into the selected category, in about four weeks time. In fact, the editors used my entered site description word for word, without any changes at all.

Entry into DMOZ is an important step toward high search engine rankings and more visitor traffic to your blog or traditional website.

It’s definitely worth the time and effort of submission.


Link: DMOZ integrity

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