Digg, Delicious, Blogs: All About Traffic

    March 10, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Through the formidable power of del.icio.us/popular and the server-crushing force of Digg, you too can take your Blog*Spot blog from the M-list to the A-list.

Of course, once you manage to pull in that horde of Delicious and Digg visitors, the challenge will be to keep them coming back. First there has to be a horde to fret about regarding said returning traffic.

The bloggers at Technology Wrap, hosted on Blog*Spot, natch, have found a way to incorporate links to Digg and Delicious into a Blogger template.

Those links allow a visitor to easily act upon the impulse fired by your breathless prose to share a post with the world. Clicking on a Delicious or Digg link brings up the submission screens for the service provided the user clicking them is a logged-in user of the service clicked. Otherwise a login screen appears.

After submitting the link, it’s up to the user communities to determine just how far your blog post goes. Most don’t go very far, maybe a handful of Diggers or Delicious bookmarkers at most. Once a story hits the Delicious/popular list or Digg’s front page, watch the old hit counter spin like an out of control slot machine on the cheaper side of Vegas.

The Tech Wrap crew has done a nice job of setting up those instructions. Be warned that others will do the same with their templates, so get to work writing original, insightful, funny, serious, outrageous, thoughtful posts. Chop chop, we’re waiting to Digg you and make you popular.

We would like to find out and share more ways to bring traffic to blogs. If you have some insights, share them at our newest forum, SyndicationPro.


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David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.