Digg Burying Stories Internally?

    May 14, 2007

We all know that the main reason why stories don’t hit the Digg homepage is because they get buried. Some say the buries are caused by specific Digg users who have it out for us while others just blame it on the content saying it wasn’t Digg worthy. Well last week we did a test on Pronet Advertising that shows Digg might be burying stories internally.

Last week MG Siegler wrote a post on I’m in like with You which got submitted to Digg and buried after 20 or so diggs.

im in like with you

You probably think users buried the story, but it actually was one of the Digg employees who buried it or an algorithm that is targeting specific content topics/sites. If you don’t believe me, here is a document that contains 10,000 buries from that day and none of them seem to be buries for the I’m in like with You story.

digg internal bury

It seems that Digg enjoys censoring us and that they did not learn from the HD-DVD incident. It isn’t just Pronet Advertising who is experiencing bad Digg luck, but others such as Darius A Monsef IV from Young Go Getter is also experiencing the same thing with his blog. If you feel that your stories are getting buried internally I recommend checking out this URL because it will show you the last 10,000 buries.

**Update: If the Bury URL mentioned above does work for you, try this alternative URL.