Democrat State Rep’s Son Target In Palin Email Hacking

FBI Serves Search Warrant On "Obamacrat" David Kernell

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It looks like a young enthusiastic Democrat got carried away in the hunt for Sarah Palin dirt.

The Obama campaign and the Democratic party reportedly has lots of lawyers and others officially looking for dirt on Palin so its no wonder that David Kernell, the son of a Democrat politician thought he was duty bound to go the extra mile and break into Palin’s Yahoo account.

Kernell is a University of Tennessee student and son of Mike Kernell, a Democratic state representative from Memphis. According to news reports in Tennessee FBI agents served a federal search warrant at the  residence of David Kernell early Sunday morning just after midnight.

The Terry Frank blog has pictures of Kernell’s Facebook page and contains some intriguing speculation that connects David Kernell with the Obama campaign. David Kernell is a self described Obamacrat according to the blog. This connection of course is pure speculation at this point.

This whole episode is receiving very little attention from the mainstream media. Can you imagine the coverage if a McCain supporter who was the son of a Republican politician had hacked Biden’s email account?

WebProNews previously wrote on the email breach here.

Democrat State Rep’s Son Target In Palin Email Hacking
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  • Guest

    First off, it’s a lie that Obama sent a team of investigators to Alaska to dig up dirt. Factcheck.org clears that up. Factcheck.org also clears up that McCain and Palin and others have done nothing but lie since the Republican convention. Any observer can see they’ve run a dispicable campaign of lies. Even Karl Rove said McCain had gone too far. Issue for issue, they’ve been clobbered by Obama, and the debates will show that clearly.

    Second, that supposed link between Kernell and Plouffe is just more blatant stretching and misinformation intended to distort and deceive. A search on Technorati brings back a video involving a guy with the same first name? That’s the evidence? Technorati’s not Google. That’s just a relevance problem and neocon idiots are trying to prove tenuous connections because they’re getting desperate. McPalin is falling apart at the seams. McCain has no clue what’s going on anymore and Palin is incredibly arrogant to think she could run the free world. And what’s up with them refusing to testify about Troopergate? Really? Defying a subpoena from the state legislature is okay now? It’s illegal and it’s wrong. 

    And here you are propagating the lies. Guess you only listen to Hannity, Rush, and Fox News right? That’s too bad. You’re a sheep being led to slaughter.  They’re all corrupt. Here are some links to YouTube videos. 2 are former reporters detailing how Fox manipulated stories. The third is Rupert Murdoch himself saying he manipulates news to suit him. Fair and balanced, my ass. It’s a con.




    Wake up. Don’t believe anything you hear on Fox or other News Corp-owned publications like the NY Post and now, unfortunately, the Wall Street Journal.



    • Rich Ord

      Thanks for your comment. However, do you really seriously believe the mainstream media isn’t biased against McCain-Palin?

      • http://blog.impactmt.com Andy

        The Palin announcement was barely 24 hours old when the mudslinging and character assination started.  Bottom line is that she is a "regular" American and a HUGE breath of fresh air.  Not some over-priveledged elite with no sense of how the hard working American really lives.  


        • Guest

          your regular American spent 50 grand of Wasilla’s money remodeling her office without approval of the council, which was illegal. when approached about it, she said she could do whatever she wanted until the courts told her she couldn’t. she and her husband continue illegal behavior by not obeying subpoenas. she’s made of the same criminal cloth as bush and cheney.

          as for the elite…since when is it wrong to listen to the nation’s elite? maybe we should listen to red neck hunters instead? thomas jefferson and ben franklin were elites. maybe they should have been shouted down by the conservatives back then and skipped the revolution, eh?

          • Guest

            Just like Obama and his lawyers are refusing to provide an actual birth certificate in the Berg case. How hard can that be? Really.

      • Guest

        what conservatives are viewing as bias by the msm is the msm actually doing its job by fact checking and calling mccain and palin on their lies. it’s not bias. it’s journalism.

        • Rich Ord

          I respect your opinion but you just recited the Obamba talking points. It’s pretty common knowledge that the mainstream media is biased.

  • Guest

    Don’t be fooled by the say and do anything you want to hear BS coming from the lips of this racist and terrorist affiliated sweet talker. Oh, and as a reply to the naive poster, it is real obvious that mainstream media is biased toward Obama. NBC has publically announced their support, hollywood, which is 90% of what mainstream media reports on, has constantly cluttered the airwaves with Obama rhetoric. Everyone needs to wake up and actually listen to what the politicians are saying and not rely on the 30 second highlights from TV and radio on your way into work. You might just learn that they’re saying something way different from what’s reported.

    • Guest

      so sad people like you are allowed to vote. what incredible ignorance

  • John

    Andy said:

    > The Palin announcement was barely 24 hours old when the mudslinging

    > and character assination started.  Bottom line is that she is a "regular"

    > American and a HUGE breath of fresh air.  Not some over-priveledged elite

    > with no sense of how the hard working American really lives.  

    Err, dude, have you actually *read* about her time in office or are you just believing the McCain PR spin?


    • Guest

      …what have you *read* about and what are you referring to.  Please, enlighten us all.

    • Raymond Bowkus

      Palins record of office holdings and election results are public record. I would like to ask you to give me three accomplishments That qualify Obama to be president.  And don’t include his street organizer because he did’nt  have any direct responsibility to the public.

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