Dell Sees Growth Internationally

    May 30, 2008

Dell, the number two PC maker in the world says that within five years two- thirds of its sales will come from overseas.

Increasing demand from Asia and other emerging markets along with growth in the UK and Europe is broadening Dell’s sales beyond the U.S., the company said. An executive at the company said that international sales were growing much faster than its domestic market.

Steve Felice, president of Dell Asia-Pacific and Japan, said revenue from international regions surpassed U.S. revenue for the first time, with sales in Brazil, Russia, India and China creating 73 percent growth in the first quarter.

At the current pace, " two-thirds could come in five years," said Felice speaking about sales outside of the U.S. His remarks came after Dell had higher than expected quarterly profit, due to cost cuts and strong demand from consumers and foreign markets.

Dell said the solid quarter was evidence that a year-long turnaround led by founder Michael Dell, who returned as CEO in January 2007, was netting results. The company did say that U.S. corporate customers remained cautious about buying because of the uncertain economy.

Dell plans to slash 8,900 jobs to cut costs, but said Asia with faster sales growth and a big part of the company’s supply chain, would have more job growth. "You will continue to see continued head-count growth in Asia," Felice said.