CSS Frustration

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CSS is wonderful, because it allows the true separation of content and presentation. CSS is frustrating because it doesn’t.

Take this great writeup on column layout with CSS. Wonderful stuff, and I could make immediate use of it.

If it worked.

In fairness, it should work, and the reason it doesn’t work apparently is bad implementation in the Gecko rendering engine. But from my point of view, it really doesn’t matter where the fault is; the result is that I can’t use it.

This kind of thing happens all the time. Simple stuff, like clearing or not clearing alignment flow works slightly differently on different browsers. Another example is the navigation links at the top of each page here – depending on your browser and its version, they either show drop-down menus when you hover over them or they don’t. Why? Faulty CSS implementation.

If you can control your browser environment (as you might in an intranet), you can control CSS. If you can’t, you either get extremely complicated pages to “fix” things, or you just put up with the broken stuff. Lousy choices, if you ask me.

*Originally published at APLawrence.com

A.P. Lawrence provides SCO Unix and Linux consulting services http://www.pcunix.com

CSS Frustration
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