November 28, 2007

CondéNet’s sites are all pretty well known, with Wired, Reddit, and Epicurious being some of the most famous among them.  Now, thanks to a distribution deal with YouTube, we expect that the sites will become even more popular.

Give CondéNet credit for thinking outside the box on this one; YouTube’s still widely regarded as a place to find user-generated videos, as opposed to corporate productions.  Anything that’s useful or entertaining finds itself welcome, though, so the development isn’t at all a bad idea.

Sarah Chubb, CondéNet President Even better – Sarah Chubb, CondéNet’s president, told Emily Steel, “We do not pay to distribute our content.  It is generally a no-cash exchange.  The trade-off is that we get distribution.”  There’s also the matter of potentially profitable advertising, which CondéNet can sell.

From Google’s perspective, this is a no-lose situation, as well – any revenue from that advertising will be shared.  Furthermore, the deal acts to legitimize YouTube, which is something Google is always trying to do.

No timeframe was given for when distribution would begin, but look for it to occur in the near future – picking the content should take longer than sorting out any technical details.