comScore: Facebook Overtakes eBay In The UK

    January 27, 2009

This news could be considered an effect of the recession, a victory of friendship over materialism, or just the culmination of a longstanding trend.  But regardless, fresh numbers from comScore have put Facebook over eBay in the UK. 

Facebook Logo

In December, Facebook attracted 21.2 million unique visitors.  eBay drew in 20.5 million.  So comScore gave Facebook the title of "fourth most popular property," behind only the groups of sites owned by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo (which came in first, second, and third, respectively).

There’s not a particularly huge margin between Facebook and Yahoo, either.  Assuming that not too many people abandoned the social network after the holidays, yet another switch might soon take place.  Yahoo sites saw just 22.4 million unique visitors in December.

Although this probably doesn’t constitute a nice welcome for Carol Bartz, it’s good news for Mark Zuckerberg, anyway.  Advertisers in the UK should now be a little more likely to accept any overtures his company makes.  The decision to open an office in the UK looks smart in this light, too.

Stay tuned for next month’s numbers.