Compete Looks at Homepage vs Domain Visits for Top Sites

    April 23, 2009
    Chris Crum

Compete has shared some interesting data looking at homepage visitors at the top publisher sites. Here is the top 12 in terms of domain visitors. Look at how the homepage visitors compare to the percentage of site visitors who visit the homepage.

Compete Data

"Hompages present big opportunities for online advertising. For example, display advertising on Facebook consists mainly of small sponsored ads that blend with the rest of the content on profile and other pages within the site," says Jessica Ong on the Compete Blog. "It will be interesting to see if Facebook further monetizes its homepage." Here’s another interesting graph:

Compete Data

Other findings from Compete include:

–  Ads on the homepages of both MSN and AOL reached 13% of homepage visitors, fewer than an ad on the Yahoo! homepage, which reached 16% of homepage visitors (based on analysis of March visitors).

– In March, 22 million more people visited Google’s homepage than Yahoo!’s, despite Yahoo’s interactive homepage and fresh content

– Facebook rivaled Google in terms of homepage-to-domain visitors, attracting roughly 64% of site visitors to its homepage

– MySpace saw the greatest jump in its ranking of homepage visitors, going from #11 in domain visitor ranking to #5 in homepage visitor ranking, with 72% of site visitors seeing the homepage

– Homepage visitor traffic varies greatly at the top publishers – from 3% to over 70% of domain visitors – and this type of data is critical to executing effective media buying.

Homepages that offer advertising are worth big money to advertisers. Compete’s data is an interesting look into where the visitors are actually going.