Charlene Li Talks Social Computing

    October 25, 2006

(Continuing notes from Forrester Consumer Forum. More here.)

Charlene: “Focus on the relationships, not the technologies.”

Who’s using social computing technologies?

Who’s Using Social Computing?

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Four levels of participation: “The Participation Pyramid”

  • Creators – bloggers, etc.
  • Critics – commenting, ratings, reviews
  • Collectors – bookmarking, “save to favorites” in youtube
  • Couch potatoes – passive

Social media: “It’s not about the media, it’s about getting people to participate.”

Key point: Build community. If community exists, then dissemination is easier, wider (yahudi video #1, not the mentos guys)

Burpee Seeds: “November sales increased by 4x because of RSS”

  • Changed twice-yearly experience to a daily experience
  • Adding reviews with BazaarVoice increased the clickthrough rate by 43%

Anecdote: BassPro used feedback to redesign poor product. One lure had poor ratings, BassPro noticed, connected with manufacturer, and now redesigned product is selling well.

Getting Started

  • Decide how involved you will be with social computing
  • Map out what relationship you want to build
  • Listen to what is being said to find unmet needs
  • Participate in the conversations

How to start

  • Start with RSS because it’s easy and impactful

    – Put press releases in RSS

  • Use blogs when you have something to say

    – Anyone can have a recruitment blog

    – Anyone can have an internal blog

  • Deploy wikis where knowledge is needed

    – “Less frequently asked questions”

Test original podcasting sparingly

– Start with earnings calls and executive presentations

Best practices in social computing

– Be ready to act on feedback

– Relationships can be messy, be prepared to make mistakes

– Use existing marketing metrics to gauge your success

Key quote: “Markets may be conversations…and trust and relationships create marketplaces.”


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