Catch a Whiff of Google’s Latest Gmail Offering

    October 26, 2008
    Chris Crum

Google has added a number of new emoticons for Gmail. You know, smilies. But that’s not all there is. Let’s just cut to the chase. There’s an animated pile of feces.

Gmail Emoticons

I rarely resort to fourth grade humor in my articles, but Google leaves me no choice here. You can’t put a picture of poop in a Google offering and not expect some commentary. The Gmail team offers the following suggestions: "No more will you have to settle for a 😉 when you can have a. Out with the "XOXO" and in with the. And of course, when the bad news smells really bad, transcends all words."

It’s better than sending the real thing I guess. You might be able to get away with it without having charges brought against you.

Ok, not that we’ve cleared the air of Google’s pile, note that there are plenty of other emoticon options to choose from. Like a crab, a flower, and a martini glass. Perhaps that last one should direct users to mail goggles when selected.

Apart from the release of Gmail 2.0 for mobile, other recent features added to Gmail via Gmail Labs include: canned replies, mail goggles, a "marked as read" button, and a "Forgotten Attachment Detector". Google has also expanded the number of emoticons for GTalk, although there are many more for Gmail.