Boing Boing New New Look Look

    August 28, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The people behind the Boing Boing blog have updated the layout of the site, featuring more prominent positioning for rich media advertising.

"Welcome to the new Boing Boing!" Mark Frauenfelder wrote on the popular blog. Boing Boing has been one of the Internet’s most widely read blogs, as they add new items regularly to their "directory of wonderful things."

Since Federated Media head John Battelle has long been the "band manager" behind the blog, helping manage its numerous little graphic advertisements, we aren’t surprised to see his organization delivering more ads on Boing Boing. Text ads from FM’s server and the ubiquitous Google AdSense program appear alternately in the ad-dedicated right sidebar of the site.

Even better, an ad displayed by Google follows the no-holds-barred ethic of Boing Boing. As shown in the screenshot we caught, Google feels that "piercing nipples" would appeal greatly to the Boing Boing readership.

Boing Boing New New Look Look
Thanks, Google! (click for full view)

The most distinct change comes in the top right side of the blog. It’s the area where people tend to look first, and a highly desirable place for websites of all kinds to place premium ads. Boing Boing is no exception, featuring a rich media ad for HP during out look.

We like the larger font size used by default with the redesign, but we will miss the classic look. Boing Boing emerged from its revamp with greater readability, and a sharper focus on monetization, but we’re sure the content will be as wonderful as always.