BlogWorld: SEO Tips For Bloggers

    November 8, 2007

WebProNews is in Las Vegas this week at the BlogWorld and New Media Expo. In the session "Search Engine Optimization: Best Practices", the speakers focused on SEO tips for bloggers.

BlogWorld: SEO Tips For Bloggers
BlogWorld: SEO Tips For Bloggers

Vanessa Fox Vanessa Fox, formerly of Google, now with discussed what SEO really is. Vanessa said "From a search engine perspective the goal that they have is that they just want to get people off the search page as fast as possible and get to the answer." If bloggers can make their blog the most relevant and useful as possible from a search engine perspective their blog will rank.

Stephan Spencer Stephan Spencer of Netconcepts spoke about incorporating tags. He said," Optimizing your title tag is extremely important and one of the most important on page factors. It really sets the keyword focus for the page." By optimizing the title tag independently of the post title your blog will be in a better position. You can incorporate synonyms and keep your post title at about seven or eight words.

Andy Beal Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim said he uses title tags to get RSS readers and later changes them for search engines.  Beal said, "Basically you have two audiences for post titles. The first audience is the clickthrough audience the people who are going to look at this through an RSS reader. These people are the people I want to entice to come to my site." Make the title enticing to attract readers.

Quick SEO Tips
Make your blog relevant and
    useful so it will rank in search

Optimize your title tag
    independently from your blog

After a couple of days
    change your title tag and
    post title to optimize it for
    search engines

Have a good site design that
    is well formatted and an easy
    to read "About Page"

After a day or two he said he would focus on the secondary audience and position his title for Google readers or people who will go to his site via a search engine. Beal said he changes his title tag and post title as well to optimize it for the search engines.

WebProNews spoke with Aaron Wall about how your blog can gain traction. Wall said, "Make it easy to be trustworthy by having a good sight design, having a site that is well formatted, have an about page that is easy to read and easy for the press to contact you." Also your blog should display past press exposure. Those things are signs of trust and will help your blog receive more exposure.