BlogWorld: Housebreak Social Media Marketing

    November 8, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

It’s just a puppy, Maggie Fox said of social media with regards to adding it to one’s marketing mix, meaning it’s going to grow up to be a big doggie.

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Maggie Fox

Fox of Social Media Group talked about social media during her time speaking at the session, Integrating New Media into your Marketing Mix. She mentioned a couple of projects that used MySpace as a springboard.

Placing a campaign for the Mozilla Firefox browser on MySpace worked out well, spreading the marketing community out to 10,000 ‘friends’ on the site.

But Jennifer Armintrout’s ‘Blood Ties’ series from Harlequin proved bloodless in its execution. Fox blamed an "old media" approach that did not add and sustain the effort made online.

Gather CEO Tom Gerace suggested a different way to look at social media. It may not be media at all, but a place where marketers may need to just let the audience make decisions and create the content around something.

That suggests a marketing effort where the marketer makes content available to be remixed and repurposed by the audience. We’ve seen companies like GM and Doritos do this to let people create a commercial for their brand.

Don’t look for that kind of rapport from Apple. Andy Beal said that due to the company’s rabid fanbase, they don’t get social media mostly because they think they don’t need it.

However, customer service opinions of Apple indicate differently, according to Beal. We’ll suggest that given the nature of Apple’s consumers, the company could be reluctant to engage them in a closer way due to their zealousness.

WebProNews Video anchor Abby Prince contributed to this report.