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    October 17, 2005

I am writing on BlogOn 2005 over at the AllBusiness PR Blog this week, and will be updating the posts here.

  1. Welcome to the conferenceSeth Godin unveils Squidoo and discusses building a community and how corporates might want to do less, not try to do more.
  2. The Power of Communities – and how should/can you work with such online communities and blogs.
  3. How McDonald’s has implemented blogs – one question that I didn’t ask and hindsight should have is how is Al Golin or Golin/Harris involved.
  4. Marketing and Conversations – how marketing departments should be talking with, not talking to, customers.
  5. CBS and Crisis Communications – how CBS has had to deal with crisis, and they view bloggers.

Rudest moment of the conference? Steve Rubel asked Shel Israel to explain the PR people will become waiters/waitresses article in the blog. I had interviewed Israel, and he seems like a nice guy even if we disagree on things, and his comment is actually … Personally, we think many of them may find their futures in the restaurant service industry and the world may be a better place for it, even if the restaurant industry is not.
Not much better, but okay. However, when someone from Porter Novelli asked a question, and introduced herself, Rubel said “oh, a future waitress.”

Like I have said before – nice of people to defend the industry. From one supposed future waiter to another one (or likely to a busboy) thanks for the inappropriate snide comment, doyen.

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