Blogging Jumps the Shark on AT&T Ads

    January 16, 2006

Yesterday Maryam and I were driving to Oakland’s airport when we passed by a HUGE billboard right in front of the Oakland Colliseum.

This is one of the most trafficed billboards in the Western United States. I wish I had a picture (I wasn’t able to get my camera out in time).

It simply said:


In huge type.

Delivered. In smaller type.

at&t’s logo was there too. It turned out this is one of the new at&t campaigns that they are spending a billion on. Hey, they could have gotten much more hype if they had just given a billion away to bloggers. Heck, give me a million or two and I’ll even switch to your blog tool! Sorry, Matt!

Now I know the world is nutty.

More later, just had to tell you that in between interviews.

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