Blogging Gifts: Links to Bloggers

    October 9, 2006

Blog links are important SEO search engine optimization ranking boosters that bloggers provide freely to others.

When a blogger sees a post that is interesting and informative, faster than you can say to link it, the coding is already in place. While blog links help in the search engines and provide additional visitor traffic, they are gifts in their own right.

When a blogger links to what someone else has written, it’s an endorsement of the other person’s writing, thoughts, and ideas. The link is a gift for informing, entertaining, and grabbing the attention of the linking blogger. We all like to give and receive gifts, so some blog linky love is greatly appreciated. It lets the blogger know their writings are read and enjoyed by others.

While many bloggers are excited and almost speechless to find a post linked by some big name blogger, some of the most welcomed links are from your blogging peers. Your blogging friends read your posts on almost a daily basis and know your writing and subject matter very well. It’s sometimes easy to forget that they are some of your most appreciative readers are your blogging peers and friends.

A very special treat for every blogger is to discover another blogger has linked to one of your posts. The shoutout might not be to what you consider your most important posting, but it’s often to some writing that touched the reader in a very important way. The topic might be personal or professional; a helpful tip or some very timely information. In any case, a reader who you know well took the time to post about your thoughts and provide a link to share the post with others. That is a true gift from the heart.

Blogging is in many ways about sharing and helping others. When we bloggers talk about business blogs, we often emphasise the benefits to the blog owner. After all, we are trying to convince a business person to add a blog component to their website and business. Naturally, the focus will be on the benefits to that person’s business. Often lost in the shuffle, are the benefits to the blog readers. A good business blogger shares personality and ideas with the visitors. Those concepts might inspire the reader, and even help to change their life to some degree. Blogs are indeed a two way street.

When browsing through your blog selections, be sure to share some link love with bloggers whose work you know and enjoy. They will appreciate the link. You can be certain as well that they will return the favour many times over.

Linking out is good karma.

Link to your blogging friends today.

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