Blog linking policy: Develop one today

    March 9, 2005

Blogs link to one another.

We all know that to be a standard, and very distinguishing feature of the blogosphere.

The problem with blog linking for most bloggers is that of developing a personal blog linking policy.

Jennifer Rice of the essential What’s Your Blog Mantra? puts blog linking theory and practical linking policy under the proverbial microscope.

In one of the very best posts on blog linking that I have ever read anywhere, Jennifer describes her blog linking policy. It’s such a good blog linking primer that it should be required reading for every new blogger on the internet.

It would also be a good idea for some experienced bloggers to read Jennifer’s post, and take her ideas to heart as well.

For those who are late to the party, Jennifer Rice is an internationally recognized expert on company brands, branding, and brand policy. As such, she treats her business blog as her own personal brand.

As a result of the brand analogy, Jennifer only adds links to her blogroll which reflect positively on her blog brand.

She doesn’t take link swaps in order to gain reciprocal links.

She expects the blogs on her blogroll to avoid typos, and have correct spelling.

Aside: (Wayne checks spelling, just in case!)

She likes bloggers who participate and comment on her blog. She is respectful of her commenters and trackbacks, and visits their blogs in return. That aspect is a courtesy to those bloggers who take the time to visit and express their opinions on her blog.

I heartily endorse that policy myself. I just hope I don’t miss anyone, as I try to click through to every link and trackback to my blog. I also visit every blog that appears as an inbound link on my Technorati profile.

I have found some wonderful new blogs by simply practicing the concepts that Jennifer describes in her post.

When Jennifer Rice provides advice on brand building, I listen very carefully. Her thoughts, on the subject of branding, are always ones to put into practice immediately.

You should listen to Jennifer too!

Jennifer is generally searching for interesting, informative, and original blogs.

That said, she doesn’t add every good blog to her blogroll, although she has a few new ones in mind for possible future addition.

Those are only a few of her great suggestions for link additions to a blogroll. She has many more, and all are equally valuable to consider.

As if providing some of the best advice on blog linking practices weren’t enough, Jennifer adds this powerful advice on traffic building:

1. Compare your blog to others in your space… do your posts sound distinctly “you”? Or could they appear on someone else’s blog and no one would know the difference? What unique value are you adding to the blogosphere? This is the “product development” phase.

2. Participate, participate, participate. Give first in order to receive. This is the “marketing” phase.

Follow Jennifer Rice’s excellent advice on blog linking and blog traffic building, and protect your blog’s brand reputation.

Think of your blog as your own personal brand, and you won’t go too far wrong.

Oh, and be sure to add the must read What’s Your Blog Mantra? to your blogroll.


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