Beta Blogger Becoming Better

    August 17, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The migration of users from the old version of Google’s Blogger service to the new beta will happen at an “incremental” pace.

Jason Goldman and company at Google want the transition to the new Blogger, now in beta, to take place as smoothly as possible. So far the approach seems to be working.

“By taking the approach we have, we’ve been able to fix bugs before they affect larger numbers of users,” Goldman wrote at Blogger Buzz. “As it stands now, only a very small percentage of users have been affected by migration issues and we have fixed most of those problems.”

Currently, the biggest problem they have seen during the migration has been login issues. Users may be inadvertently logging into the beta version when trying to reach the current version of Blogger. When that happens, users have been seeing a blank Dashboard and wondering what the heck happened to their posts.

Goldman suggested users look at the address bar of the browser. If it reads instead of, logging out and going to to login should fix the problem.

He also cited an updated feature that most people seem to have missed so far. Instead of the old spellcheck system, a new version that works like the one used in Gmail has been implemented into the new Blogger. It may or may not get a lot of use, since Goldman believes users have become conditioned not to use the old “cumbersome” spell check.

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