Becoming The Prime Source

    December 9, 2003

We believe it was Master mail order marketer Joe Karbo who coined the term ‘Prime Source.’ He made literally millions of dollars a few decades ago by scouring close-out warehouses and buying up truckloads of unique gadgets to resell through small magazine ads. Joe was not the ‘middle man.’ He was a Prime Source, and he became very wealthy.

Even today, the most successful retail marketers on the Internet have one thing in common. They all own and control the sales of their products. Whether it be ebooks, craft supplies, or camping gear, those people are responsible for the sale, set the price, deliver the product, and keep all the money. They are the Prime Source for whatever it is they offer.

Being the Prime Source means that you are in control of your own success. You’re no longer depending upon an unmotivated downline to generate revenue, or upon some unapproachable guru to keep pace with product and pricing updates. You can repackage products to fulfill a market need, offer special incentives to customers, configure your sales pages for maximum effect, develop new sales copy and graphics without worry of rights infringement, adjust pricing and marketing strategy as the need arises.

In other words, as the Prime Source, you are in control of your own business. You are working for yourself, not someone else. And you keep all the money from the sales you’ve worked so hard to get.

Becoming a Prime Source on the Internet requires a few basic elements.

1. An inventory of products that you own and can legally resell, or a service that you will provide for a fee.

2. Your own domain and website from which to make the sales.

3. The ability to accept online credit card and/or check payments.

4. A system for product/service delivery after the sale.

With these elements in place, you have just as much potential for financial success as old Joe Karbo, or any one of the new wave ‘guru riche’ on the Net right now.

Within the ebook and software genre, which we highly recommend, a quick way to become a Prime Source is to obtain a ready-to-go inventory with full resale rights. There are any number of ebook resale rights packages available on the Net, some of which are exceptionally worthwhile, and some not so good. Be careful!

By far, the most potent method of becoming a Prime Source is to create your own eproducts. It’s certainly more time consuming, but the rewards of credibility and market recognition are well worth the effort. Many of today’s successful online marketers started with a resale rights inventory, and then moved into the product creation arena as their skills and confidence developed.

But that dear Reader, is fodder for another article.

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