Ask CEO on AskCity

    December 6, 2006

John Battelle has on his blog a post where Ask CEO answers his questions about AskCity.

Ask’s CEO explained AskCity is a new local application from which can be found in one of two ways: through the AskCity link on the homepage, or at the top of standard results page in response to your local queries. “AskCity users won’t have to bounce around to multiple sites in order to find, and take action with local information. In short, we get you from Point A to Point B faster.”

When questioned on whether this is beginning of becoming the connective tissue of IAC, he replied: “I look at the connective tissue thing a bit differently, in that to date I think people have assumed that meant we’d stick a bunch of links for IAC companies all over our homepage. But that’s not what people want from search, and going back to Pathfinder I don’t think that’s a model that’s worked well. Even today, we’re being used more and more for what you might deem “portal” content, because people find it easier to use a search box than navigate a page with dozens of services on it and going through a separate experience. If they can get it, people want one, cohesive experience.”

The conversation was concluded by the CEO’s statement that he has lot of expectations with this new product. “The product deserves it, because it delivers.”



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