Apple TV Take 2 Might Need More Takes

But 99-cent movies sounds good

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What Apple needs is to branch out beyond its cultish following. The company’s done pretty well at that lately with the iPod and iPhone and all the hysterical ecstasy that followed. They’ve got something cool with this Apple TV idea, but the computer-to-TV market has been a more difficult one to break.

The public (the world) was ready for iPod and iPhone, hence the success. But people are just now getting broadband, and just now getting used to the idea of digital televisions and digital receivers. They’re still just getting comfortable with (or recovering from) the outcome of the Blu-ray/HD DVD format war.

It’s going to be a bit before they’re ready to download to their televisions, or shell out another couple-hundred bucks for another thing they have to hook to their TVs (and will I need HDMI and optical blah, blah, blah). 

In a way, that’s a compliment to Apple. The company’s way ahead of its time. But that’s also going to be a problem for the second incarnation of Apple TV: Apple TV Take 2. It might take a couple of more takes before it really catches on, and they better hope Sony and Microsoft don’t hit the market when it’s hot for the idea.

Regardless, Apple’s being pretty aggressive. Soon after announcing the ability to rent movies via iTunes, Apple is promoting a weekly 99 cent video rental, which can be downloaded and won’t disappear for 30 days. Great concept. Great price. Better and cheaper than the video store, and eventually will have more options than cable or satellite’s on-demand movies.

A blockbuster of an idea, so long as Blockbuster doesn’t time it better for the market.

Apple TV Take 2 Might Need More Takes
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  • http://www.thelinuxblog.com Owen

    Are you talking about the next release of the Apple TV or the one that they just released? I have an Apple TV and have to say that its not all its cracked up to be. I’ve been to the video store twice because they didn’t have the movies that I wanted to watch. Also, I don’t like the fact that I can’t add another video source instead of YouTube. Infact that is the next hack I am going to try to implement.

  • Guest

    About a month ago, I went from sub-novice to sophomoric in digital TV.  Start ed with just simple intention to run internet radio through my awesome home sound system.  Along the way to Damascus, I hit the ditigal TV question: consoldiation of capabilties in single unit, run on computer or stand alone, partnering service provider….thank goodness I had a digital media stud guiding me (your HMDI blah blah was right on target in trying to learn from him).  Anyhow, I wanted the Apple TV given the clean interface and ease of install.  Because it did not yet support internet radio, I passed and went for the Airport Extreme for now.  Based upon this experience, your article is right on target regarding in the 1) early market adoption curve for ditigal TV and 2) Apple is way out early (maybe they should send a "welcome to digital media" ad at some point to their competitor (and if you really understood what you just read then you are surely 40+)).  Don’t care to understand the strategy, but can say that Apple will remove confusion for users hence could help the market in general.

    And ditch that stupid Sox hat.

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