AMD Says Intel Dual-Core Not Really Dual-Core

    June 2, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

AMD’s senior VP for worldwide sales and marketing speaking at Taiwan’s Computex raises doubts about Intel’s competing product.

Henri Richard says Intel’s dual-core may not be a true dual-core implementation. Intel’s two separate cores on individual dies get packaged together in a single chip.

Mr. Richard contends a true dual-core processor contains both cores on the same die.

As previously reported, Intel expects to ship one million of its dual-core processors in 2005. But recent independent reviews by Anandtech and Tom’s Hardware claim the AMD offering will be superior on the PC platform.

Their results are purely initial testing ones and may not play out the same way in real-world use.

One point in AMD’s favor would be lower power consumption by its processor, which in turn would generate less heat in a computer. Laptop users in particular would benefit from a cooler machine.

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