Amazon Lets Bloggers Take Cut Of Kindle Subscriptions

Hopes people on both sides are bad with money

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People who want to make their blogs more accessible through the Amazon Kindle – and get some money as a result – can consider themselves officially encouraged to do so.  Amazon’s started a Kindle Publishing for Blogs program that allows for self-publishing and then splits the revenue.

Here’s the idea: give Amazon some information about your blog and yourself (including your social security number, tax ID number, and bank account details).  Then, your blog should become available for purchase at a price set by Amazon through the Kindle Store.

Amazon Kindle Blogs

As for the payoff, blogs’ owners will receive 30 percent of the monthly blog subscription fee for every paying follower.

Interesting, right?  It seems like Amazon’s trying to both offer Kindle owners a better selection of easily accessible reading material and make friends with bloggers.

Unfortunately, there are some flaws in the plan.  For starters, there’s no reason Kindle owners won’t opt to read blogs for free by using the device’s browser.  Also, the offering of 30 percent of subscription fees, while better than nothing, doesn’t compare well to a 50-50 split or the 70-ish percent application developers often receive.

Amazon Lets Bloggers Take Cut Of Kindle Subscriptions
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  • http://lancepat.wordpress.com Lance’s Blog

    A couple of questions for this,

    1) How does Amazon determine a price for a blog? Unique visitors, amount of content, type of content, trial and error?

    2) Will Amazon adjust prices over time? (Blogs grow, or decline over time)


    • Doug Caverly

      Unfortunately, Amazon’s not being too forthcoming about all that. “Amazon will define the price based on what we deem is a fair value for customers” is about the most informative thing the official account setup or terms and conditions pages have to say.

  • http://astore.amazon.com/rockconstruct-20 Marketer’s 4 Dimension Webstore

    30 percent profit sharing is too cheap for bloggers. Fifty-fifty would be reasonable.
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