AdWords-Related Schoemaker Suit Settled

    August 4, 2009

Not too long ago, quite a mess came into being as Jeremy Schoemaker sued Keyen Farrell for his (alleged) misuse of Google AdWords.  Farrell countersued, claiming defamation.  Now, Farrell’s withdrawn his lawsuits and reached a settlement with Schoemaker, but things might actually escalate rather than go back to normal. 

Google Logo

The truly odd thing about this situation was that Farrell worked as a Google AdWords account specialist.  So if, as Schoemaker accused, Farrell was posting advertisements that infringed on the ShoeMoney trademark, his behavior is rather hard to excuse.

Moreover, it’s difficult not to think about what sort of responsibility for the problem Google itself should or shouldn’t bear.  And that’s where a juicy-if-true bit of gossip enters the equation.  Barry Schwartz writes, "[T]here is a rumor that Farrells agreed to legally testify against Google, if Schoemaker decides to take Google to court."

Also, Schwartz heard that the settlement involves Farrell paying $150,000 to the ShoeMoney Media Group.  So it seems reasonable to believe that any lawsuit Schoemarker brings against Google would name an equal or greater amount.

This will bear watching.  We’ll be sure to report any updates.

Sure, enough, UPDATE: Per the comment from J. Scott Paul below, it seems that the rumors were incorrect.