Ditches Spyware

    March 7, 2005

So called “Spyware” companies get the old heave ho from that was aquired by AOL last year according to the MediaPost …

Media Post:

AMERICA ONLINE’S ADVERTISING.COM QUIETLY STOPPED doing business with adware companies such as Claria, WhenU, and 180solutions last year, OnlineMediaDaily has learned.

The move, confirmed by AOL, happened last fall–after the Dulles, Va.-based portal company acquired the ad network in August for $435 million. Shortly after buying the Baltimore, Md.-based, executives from both companies conducted a review of policies regarding adware and spyware, said AOL spokesman Andrew Weinstein. “From that review, we decided to make clear that we would not do business with companies that distribute adware or spyware that interefers with or damages our members’ online experience,” Weinstein said.


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