AdSense Terms Changed Since Outage

    November 4, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Publishers who use AdSense experienced a brief outage this week, and one industry insider makes the connection between periods of AdSense unavailability and new policies coming into play.

JenSense posted what looks like the most likely reason for the recent Google outage. She pointed out previous changes to AdSense policies followed times when AdSense went away and came back:

When AdSense is down or there are login problems, it often means there is something new and shiny to keep us publishers amused with. And sure enough, we have a brand new Google AdSense Policies available.

Referral items like codes and buttons have received more attention from Google in crafting the latest policies. Sections on Ad Placement, Code Modification, and Incentives now include language restricting placing, changing, or drawing attention to referral items.

Publishers whose content is in a language unsupported by Google will have to take AdSense blocks off their pages. Google previously allowed AdSense on those pages, but the rise of spam blogs and automated pages created solely to host ads probably drove this change.

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