AdSense Lets You Play Your Own Video Ads

    February 28, 2007

A bit of a good thing for AdSense publishers: If you see a video AdSense ad appearing on your website, you can feel free to play it.

Since the ad only pays out if you click the ad, not play it, then there’s no harm, no foul, so long as you avoid the advertiser link. This means that you can watch the video and see if your visitors would actually find it useful. If you have an ad unit that is heavy on video ads (by design or luck of the contextual draw) this is the way to see what useless advertisers are targeting your visitors, so you can ban them away. 

Also, Google is running these banner ads for Gmail:


They’re cute, but Philipp doesn’t seem to like Google using animated banner ads, which Google has said in the past they were against. I don’t see the problem; Google already abandoned plenty of their previous high-minded ideals as the company got bigger.

Plus, there’s a bit of panic that MyBlogLog will get AdSense publishers in trouble, since it does track which ads your visitors click on, and Google doesn’t like certain information about its ad system getting out (especially since MyBlogLog is owned by competitor Yahoo). Luckily, the MyBlogLog folks checked with Google, and all is A-O-K. There are plenty of ways to see where your visitors clicked ads, and MyBlogLog is just the one with lots of other great features. Though, on the ad-tracking side, I feel they don’t go far enough.

Also, Google’s been running these Google Gadget ads, a 300×250 ad that features the YouTube Gmail skits inside a Google Gadget with some other links and options. They’re even running on the Wall Street Journal’s home page. If you don’t like that, check out the blank test ad.



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