Adsense Earnings Per Click Changes

    May 11, 2005

There seems to be an increase in the frequency of postings in Adsense forums from publishers noting that their earnings have slipped in the past few days. Of particular note is that a number of publishers are reporting drops in their per click’ earnings (to get this figure divide your total earnings for a day by the amount of clicks for that day).

This is a trend I’ve noticed since Thursday 5 May in my own statistics. I’ve not been able to find any explanation for it as there have not been any abnormal traffic rises or falls on any of my blogs.

I can’t see many good explanations of this decrease in EPC but wonder if maybe Adsense has updated its Smart Pricing algorithm. This might account for some of those in the discussion forums reporting increases in epc at the same time.

Check out the discussion on this at:

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Got any theories to share? Noticed any changes to your EPC?

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