Adding Video To Web Content Strategy

    January 15, 2007

In the wake of the FCC’s issues with VNR’s and the growth of YouTube, Internet video is catching on as a way to reachonline viewers.

Witness the launch of Nuance, which got 35,000 views on YouTube from a very targeted audience and MultiVu’s work for NVIDIA that got 65,000 viewers off Metacafe, reports PR Week.

Broadcast is not going away anytime soon, but onine video is being seen as an add-on. And some firms want content specifically for the Internet.

Travel is perfectly suited for this medium, as research shows video is driving travel and tourism sales online. Intercontinental hotels just did an innovative series of vidoes with Turn Here using the hotel concierges to talk about the city and the tourist attractions.

What makes a successful Internet video content strategy?

PR week offers these five tips:

  • Know your target audience and the outlet that will reach them
  • Keep production quality in mind
  • Have a strong story
  • Don’t ignore traditional media
  • Post the video on the client’s website.

And don’t forget to syndicate the video in a media RSS feed. A media room that doesn’t have the press releases, podcasts and videos RSS enabled is fighting with one hand tied behind its back.


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