6 In 10: Choosing Your Battles

    July 2, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

If you have been watching the Nielson Ratings lately, you know that even whenadvertising on one of the top three shows for market share: even Deal or No Deal, Dateline NBC, or America’s Got Talent (the top three) only reach about 12,000,000 viewers each.

According to this recent article By David Bauder AP Television Writer, the total viewership is about 37.6 million, down from 40.3 million for the same period in 2006.

Considering (from the same article) that they collected about 8.8 billion in ad revenues, it would take a strong profit margin per customer to justify and/or cash-flow such an investment! (That is a very high cost per view!)

Fortunately, that advertising model is no longer necessary: more and more, we don’t watch the commercials anyway!

But when I want something, I can find it on Google, in seconds, with a key word search.

There are ads there too: it costs over 15$ per click for many coveted real estate searches: but how often do you click a sponsored link or a pop-up banner? Chances are, you said rarely or never. Now: how often do you click a first page result? Five, ten, fifteen times some days?

But the first page results are not for sale: they are what Google and the other search engines give away for free, to get you to come to the site to see the ads.

The most cost-effective advertising available today (in my humble opinion) is to feed the search engines and directories that free information that they give away, in just the right format, so that you can be found in those first page results.

Just in case you were wondering what exactly we do here at Social Media Systems, it has a lot to do with that marketing strategy, and our own special system of advertising: we make our clients into what people are searching for.