Parents Have Daughters Arrested For Partying

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If you are an outgoing teenager and the minute that you get word that your parents might be gone for some determined time, you immediately text your friends to set up a party, correct? If so, you may want to do some rethinking, because it is unknown what your parents will do. Your parents may ground you and take away the devices that connect you to the outside world, but the chance of your parents arresting you is highly unlikely. This was the case for a group of two Connecticut siblings.

According to, two 15-and-16-year old sisters from Glastonbury, Connecticut, hosted a weekend-long party at their parents' house; however, during the middle of their marathon partying, their parents came home early from their planned out and actually reported them to the local authorities on "charges of permitting a minor to possess alcohol."

The New York Daily News reports that this incident happened on Sunday, October 13th, as the siblings' parents were returning from a vacation. The parents' return was unexpected, because the parents did not inform their daughters that they would be returning home so early. It was also reported that other underage party attendees were caught by the police as well; however, some were lucky enough to escape the police's attention.

Jim Kennedy, an Agent for the Glastonbury Police Department stated "The parents interrupted a party of about 15 to 20 kids, and the kids started leaving.”

On Tuesday, the two sisters appeared in court; however, the results of the hearing were kept secret, along with the names of the two girls who were arrested. (Source:

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