YouTube Undoes Part Of New Player

    June 13, 2007

YouTube has undone one of the new features in its new embeddable player, getting rid of the thumbnail bar that would appear every time you ran your mouse over the video. The thumbnails now only appear after a clip has finished, or if you click the Menu button. This is a very good move, because the thumbnails would appear every time you sneezed, and would appear at the beginning of the video no matter what (very distracting, and at exactly the time you’d be least interested in them).

YouTube responded to user criticism, rolling back that feature within a day of the new interface, showing they are listening and care if people really hate a new feature. It was kind of annoying, and I’m glad to see it work this way. I still don’t like the way the thumbnails rip off Apple’s dock feature, and in a way that makes it kind of hard to browse (too sensitive), but they seem committed to improving it, so I wouldn’t be too worried.

Garrett at ZDNet says he thinks Google might introduce sponsored videos into the related videos section, giving them a new revenue source for YouTube. Not a bad idea.