YouTube Topping Google Video Search

    December 30, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A blogger for online research firm Hitwise cited some reasons why user-driven video site YouTube is growing in popularity and usage.

Tagging and the folksonomy of younger users played a role in the rise of YouTube, Hitwise blogger LeeAnn Prescott commented on her analyst weblog.

A recent Saturday Night Live skit, a piece called “Lazy Sunday” and featuring among other bits “The Chronic of Narnia Rap,” led to YouTube jumping 83 percent in market share for video search users. The one-week jump saw 1.2 million downloads of the video take place.

Many of those downloaders occupy the widely-worshipped 18-24 age demographic. For overall YouTube visits over a four-week period in December, 45 percent of them were in that age group. Video search services for Google and Yahoo saw 24 and 35 percent of their visitors come from that group.

Video search overall garners a very small percentage of Internet visits. Data from Hitwise shows market leader Yahoo grabbing less than 0.025 percent of US Internet visits.

2005 was the first year video search became a component for Google and Yahoo, and with the wider adoption of broadband Internet by users, it’s an area they expect to see grow significantly.

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