YouTube Still Dominating the Online Video Picture

    April 13, 2009
    Chris Crum

Nielsen Online has released online VideoCensus data for the month of March. YouTube not surprisingly, is still on top in both total streams and unique viewers.

The ranking of brands by total number of video streams goes like this:

1. YouTube (5,479,609)
2. Hulu (348,520)
3. Yahoo! (231,795)
4. Fox Interactive Media (207,528)
5. Nickelodeon Kids and Family Network (196,160)
6. (176,931)
7. MSN/Windows Live (168,907)
8. Turner Sports and Entertainment Digital Network (137,621)
9. MTV Networks Music (123,888)
10. CNN Digital Network (103,453)

The rundown for unique viewers is a little different:

1. YouTube (89,407)
2. Yahoo! (24,761)
3. Fox Interactive Media (14,719)
4. MSN/Windows Live (12,076)
5. CNN Digital Network (9,021)
6. Hulu (8,865)
7. (6,881)
8. Nickelodeon Kids and Family (6,391)
9. MTV Networks Music (6,337)
10. Turner Sports and Entertainment (5,822)

Here is some other interesting data, like the fact that time per viewer in March reached over 3 hours, up 12.6% from February:

Nielsen Online VideoCensus

Since last summer, we have watched Hulu climb up the VideoCensus charts, but it clearly has a long way to go before it reaches YouTube status. YouTube on the other hand is rumored to be changing into a more hulu-like site (while retaining the classic YouTube properties that made it popular to begin with). It should be interesting to see where the numbers fall in another year’s time.