YouTube Rolls Out New Policy Changes

Relaxes penalties against violators

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YouTube says it is changing the way it deals with users who violate its community guidelines.

The video sharing site says it will no longer treat users "who uploads three videos that violate the Community Guidelines over the span of a year the same as someone who uploads those same videos over the course of a week."

YouTube says its new policy will lift penalties against users who violated its terms of use after six months and that "Accounts that had one or two warnings (as of April 16, 2008) for Community Guidelines (or Terms of Use) violations have been given a clean slate." The new rules do not apply to copyright violations, which do not expire.

The company said it will still send users who violate its terms of use email notifications but will also display the notice on YouTube the next time they access the site. YouTube says that is due to notifications getting caught in spam filters or going unread.

YouTube is also experimenting with the way it handles users who violate its community guidelines. "What we’ve come up with is to temporarily mute users, so that they can still use the site and watch videos, but they can’t post new content."

"Right now it is set up to affect users who have two Community Guidelines warnings in a six-month period and will last two weeks."

YouTube Rolls Out New Policy Changes
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  • Ted

          The new procedures announced are a very small step to make this a more transparent organization. Yes, it’s a business for profit, which coincides, with a public need for social discourse and stimuli. However, You tube has evolved to become a component of the fifth estate, an important player in the development of our civil society. This new role carries responsibilities, professionalism and accountability in its management to not only its shareholders, but also to its public account holders and society at large, which drive the content and popularity of the site.

         Therefore, I am quite perplexed by their seemingly high-handed and cloaked behaviour regarding what appears to be the ability of "unknown actors" to drive the content and direction of You tube to the detriment of the public good and its account holders. A case in point ( xenutv1) is the seemingly arbitrary removal of account holders without proper notice nor explanation of why they might have transgressed fair principles or site rules and the absolute Byzantine procedures for rectifying misunderstandings or receiving an explanation. For anyone who may doubt the present statement, I invite you to try to find the place on the website where you may make an enquiry regarding your account.

          I am concerned that this business may be heading down a path that is so crucial to society that we should not allow it to continue self-regulated in its present management style. These new procedures appear to only rectify notification of suspension and do not provide a path of discourse regarding the transgression of rules or the advertising pressures to exclude content.


  • http://www.MsCharme.com Guest

    "and should never be violated on purpose there are instances when violations are committed due to interpretative issues.  "  Very true, for those of us who put time and energy into our sites, it’s a shame to worry about unintentionally violating the policies and getting deleted. 

    If you look at what "everyone else" is doing, it gets confusing.  I know of someone who got deleted for using a picture of the book The Secret, and yet you can pretty much watch full recordings of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars – and YT knows they are there, did the uploaders really get permission from the networks to post that content?  Enforcement seems rather random.  Is it okay or is a blind eye being turned or is it public domain once it airs?   


    The Preschool Teacher
    "Learn by Play"

  • http://www.myvzine.com Digitalblue2u

    It is true that Youtube has a responsibility to uphold and randomly suspends accounts for copyright violation.    Friends have contacted me displaying their anger of suspension.

    It has happened to one of my accounts which had over 100.000 views, but instead of being annoyed, I looked into the reasons.    Google (the owners), are constantly facing lawsuits from companies like Viacom and Universal music for breach of copyright, so they have to be seen to be taking action.

    It prompted me to produce a video series – ‘The definitive video jockeys guide’.    The deduction really is – if you record and upload any original material,it is subject to copyright laws and you either have to seek permission from the owners or at least give credit to the artists.

    Keep clear of major record labels – concentrate on movie trailers as the movie producers welcome the exposure.


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