YouTube Rolls Out New Features

    May 19, 2008

YouTube has introduced a number of new features including search suggestions, the import of Google contacts, a better notification system for video comments and demographic statistics on YouTube Insight.

To use search suggestions the YouTube Blog states," To opt in, click the ‘advanced’ link next to the search button, then choose ‘Display query suggestions as I type’ from the search settings. As you type in your search terms a menu will appear with suggested results to choose from to help you more quickly find the videos you’re looking for."

Users can import their Google contacts into YouTube by clicking "Import" on the "My Contacts" page, then log into your Google account.

YouTube has also improved the way it sends notifications for video comments in your YouTube Inbox. From the YouTube blog,"Comments made to your videos are separated from comments left in response to your comment on someone else’s video. The actual text of the comment is also now displayed and you can approve or reject a comment in-line."

YouTube has added demographic information to YouTube Insight. TheOfficial Google Blog explains," A new demographics tab that displays view count information broken down by age group (such as ages 18-24), gender, or a combination of the two, to help you get a better understanding of the makeup of your YouTube audience. We show you general information about your viewers in anonymous and aggregate form, based on the birth date and gender information."