YouTube Rolled Out In India

    May 7, 2008

YouTube has launched a localized version of its site in India.

The India YouTube will feature regional and localized content with a search hompage that focuses on videos and links related to India. The content uploaded by users in India would appear as top favorite videos and recommended content on the site.

"We are very excited to bring a local version of YouTube to India considering the passion of users here for music and entertainment." said Steve Chen, CTO and co-founder of YouTube.

"For a culture that is steeped both in video and in storytelling, and where everyone has a voice -YouTube India will not only offer Indian users more relevant content but also provide a platform to share India’s unique and diverse culture and lifestyle with the largest online video community in the world."

YouTube has struck deals with a number of partners for its launch in India, including Zoom TV, India TV, Ministry of Tourism, NDTV and Rajshri Films.

India is the 20th country where YouTube has launched a localized or regional version of its site. YouTube will be competing with a number of similar Indian video sharing sites, but its brand and popularity will help it succeed.