YouTube is Going Through Changes

Becoming More Like Major-Content-Provider-and-Also-You-Tube

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There are some big changes happening with YouTube. You’ve probably read recently that YouTube has teamed up with Universal on a site called Vevo that is supposedly going to be the Hulu of music videos.

YouTube has also been getting involved with other content partners like MGM, Disney, and most recently, Sony Pictures, with which it is in talks with for full-length feature films. 

YouTube is reportedly also in the process of switching to a more Hulu-like design. ClickZ recently reported:

According to two sources familiar with Google’s plans for YouTube, the new design will do away with the current navigation scheme — which funnels users into "videos," "channels," and "community" categories. That layout will be replaced with a tabbed navigation with clearly defined sections for professional content.

The new design will offer four tabs: Movies, Music, Shows, and Videos. The first three tabs will display premium shows, clips, and movies from Google’s network and studio partners, all of which will be monetized with in-stream advertising. Meanwhile the Videos channel will house amateur and semi-pro content of the sort major brand advertisers have shied away from.

YouTube will still have the user-generated content it has become known for of course. ClickZ’s Zachary Rodgers was told that they’d be putting up walls between all the user-generated stuff an the "brand-safe content." YouTube’s player will also be more like Hulu’s (below) in the sense it will show markers where ads will appear in the progress bar.

Adspots on Hulu Video

It sounds to me like YouTube is going to become kind of like YouTube-meets-Hulu. I wonder if TV shows will enter the mix. Perhaps Hulu should think about offering a user-generated content area.

YouTube is Going Through Changes
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  • http://stage66.com Guest

    This is not good at all. We will not be able to see movies online.

    • Guest

      the point is now we WILL be able to see movies online. Only now instead of people ILLEGALLY DOWNLOADING THEM, they can just go to youtube and watch them and the advertisers, etc ACTUALLY GET PAID.

  • ew keane

    Tube is turning into google vid, totaly commercial.
    Its a shame that the internet archives cant get the same action as tube and gooooogle, will have to ask them why some time soon.

  • http://www.ozsource.org AzzX

    I think Google is aware that the future of TV and Movie watching will be on demand and online.

    I really cannot see Free to Air TV as it exists being around for much longer.

  • http://www.youtube.com/Slyth66 Slyth66

    I had a good feeling this article would prove all the rumors as false, but instead I see that it is true. This truely could be “the death of YouTube”. I thought YT was all about YOU, now it is all about THEM, the advertisers. I am a huge YouTube fan and I contribute my own videos to the site as well. But if this really happens like it says it could happen, I may have to switch to some other site…

  • http://www.californiacastle.com/ Adalia Dustin

    YouTube announced that it will soon allow people to earn from videos posted on the online video hosting service. This is not a new idea. Actually, BlipTV was first to announce such an idea, but apparently YouTube is in a better position to make money because of its current

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