YouTube Channels Charitable for the Holidays

    December 16, 2008
    Chris Crum

YouTube is pointing to a number of its channels that are getting charitable this holiday season. Well, some are always charitable, but the holiday season tends to bring out the best in many organizations, and the YouTube team thought it would be nice to highlight some of them.

For example, Changing the Present, a non-profit organization, is calling on users to donate livestock to farmers in need. Marine Toys for Tots is of course asking for toys for less fortunate children.

Toys for Tots

YouTube is also highlighting a video from Tom’s Shoes, which has the goal of supplying people in Ethiopia with much needed shoes:

A post on the YouTube blog from Ramya R. of YouTube Nonprofits & Activisim says:

And if you just want to go the old-fashioned route and donate money straight to charity, many YouTube nonprofit partners have a Google Checkout button embedded right on their channel pages, making it easier than ever to donate to a good cause.

Already done your part for those less fortunate? You can help spread the joy of giving through the Vlogbrothers’ Project for Awesome. All you have to do to participate is create a video about your favorite charity or cause and encourage the YouTube community to support it. The Vlogbrothers have even have promised to donate $1000 to the charity that inspires the best video – so get to work!

This is just the latest display of holiday spirit from YouTube owner Google. Another recent example is when they started offering iGoogle themes for causes, which spread awareness for a number of charities. They also have donate buttons on them.