Young PR Pros Go ‘Forward’

    March 17, 2006

A few weeks back, at the NewComm Forum, I had the opportunity the chance the pleasure of meeting Erin Caldwell, one of the many student PR stars at Auburn University.

Erin mentioned she had this pet project in the works that was a community site for students and young PR professionals that would enable them to connect and share information with each other (a peer network) about careers in our industry. Erin’s project, while still in its early stages, quietly launched this week, it’s called “Forward.” Erin shares more on her blog:

“This is a hugely collaborative effort of several Auburn students, plus some folks from far away (i.e. Paull Young from Australia). We’re working hard to build a place where young PR people can interact with both their peers and seasoned professionals – because much can learned from a conversation involving both. Forward aims to help provide students and young practitioners with the tools, knowledge and confidence to go Forward in their careers.”

Congrats to Erin and her growing team of contributors. This has the potential to be an amazing resource and at very least, it’s great to see a new wave of young, forward-thinkers that are actively re-shaping the industry.

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