Yee-hah! Dallas Cowboys Clueless On Domains

    October 18, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Poor Jerry Jones, first his ‘Boys get curb-stomped by the Patriots, then it turns out the attorney representing them at a domain name auction has no idea about the starting or ending price.

I’d like to state that as a long-time Giants fan, I’m deriving no personal pleasure from hearing about how the Dallas Cowboys know nothing about how much a highly-desirable domain name like, oh,, will sell for on the open market.

Ok, I’m joking, I danced a happy dance like a preschooler on Pixie Dust and orange drink when I saw Bill Hartzer post about America’s Team wanting to return the name they won at auction.

Why? Because it cost more than what their brilliant attorney thought it did. Hartzer cited Monte Cahn, the head of Moniker, which conducted the auction; Cahn posted about chatting with the Cowboys’ representative:

when I spoke to their attorney…he was dead serious, had no idea that it was $275K and was shocked when he received the purchase agreement ( he thought he bought it for $275.00 – thats right two hundred and seventy five dollars!). I almost asked him what he was smoking.

after falling out of my chair….not ever experiencing anything like this one, we are going to let this dog stay sleeping for a while. someone should pick this name up and it will ultimately cost the cowboys millions when they finish that $800M stadium they are building. I told the attorney that my guess was that they probably sell $275K in popcorn and beer in one game and that they were foolish not to look at their brand in a different way.

A Terrell Owens-autographed ball costs $425, and this guy thought he was grabbing for the price of a ROMO 9 Reebok authentic jersey plus overnight shipping? Sorry, Jerry Jones, domain names are a commodity, like it or not, and $275K is a discount compared to what it could cost in a few years.

Unless of course that lawyer redeems himself and somehow can prove the Dallas Cowboys are entitled to the domain name due to trademark law. Until then, I hope the Giants buy the domain name and send Jones an invitation to bid on it.