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Yahoo is asking users to submit photos, writings, videos, audio, anything they want to contribute to an electronic anthropology project: An internet-based time capsule to show off 2006 to future generations.

Yahoo’s time capsule will be viewable to all, and users can leave comments during the 30-day gathering period (through November 8) . On October 25-27, Yahoo will project the capsule’s contents on the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacn, Mexico (yes, there will be a webcast), and beam the data into space

Finally, on November 8, the contents will be entrusted to the Smithsonian until its reopening in 2020, the 25th anniversary of Yahoo. In the meantime, contributors will be asked how they want to distribute $100,000 of Yahoo’s money among eight charities.

The capsule’s website is a very cool Flash production, and worth checking out even if nothing else here interests you.

How will future generations view the issues important to us right now? I get the feeling some of our major political issues (Islamo-fascism, obsession over gas prices, hatred of the Republican party, religious censorship) might not matter as much 14 years down the line. Who wants to put money down that more people will remember Randy Johnson’s awful ERA than Mark Foley’s awful actions?

The About page
The charities
Some highlighted contributions
Facts about the capsule (430 contributions so far, more from women than men, most from the U.S., Australia and Singapore and from users age 30-39. Most of the contributions are pictures and text, and follow the themes of love, beauty, fun and hope).

(via Lifehacker)


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Yahoos Time Capsule
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