Yahoo Will No Longer Support Old Versions of Messenger

For Some Reason, Doesn't Suggest Version 10 in Announcement

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A while back, Yahoo announced it would be retiring old versions of Yahoo Messenger – versions 6.0 through 7.5. They have now set a date for it at the end of the month – September, 30.

Yahoo Messenger users who are using anything older than 8.0 will no longer be able to sign in and use the service. Obviously, that means it’s time to upgrade, if you still intend to use Yahoo for your instant messaging.

On the Yahoo Messenger Blog, the company highlights three options:

1. Download the latest version for Windows

2. Use Yahoo messenger for the Web

3. Use the built-in IM feature in Yahoo Mail.

Now, when Yahoo says download the latest version for Windows, they’re talking about version 9.0, which does include increased security, spam protection, voice calling, free text messaging, and the ability to IM people using Windows Live Messenger.

However, a few weeks ago, Yahoo made a string of announcements, including one for Yahoo Messenger Version 10, which is actually now available in beta. New features for this one include video calling, friend updates from Yahoo, Flickr, Twitter, and others through a new updates view, and improved language support.

Yahoo Messenger 10

So if you’re a Yahoo Messenger fan, you may just want to go straight to version 10. I don’t know why they didn’t mention it in the blog post, but it definitely has more features. Being in Beta, perhaps it is still a bit buggy.

If you do use version 10, Yahoo offers some tips for making video calls here.

Yahoo Will No Longer Support Old Versions of Messenger
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  • Maubere

    Guess it’s time to update my YM! then.
    Thanks for the info.

  • http://www.gardeningabc.net/ Gardening ABC

    Yahoo messenger is becoming better and better. One thing i notice is the computer resources. Yahoo Messenger takes much less resources than microsoft messenger.

  • Guest

    They refuse to remove it from their classic email, even though 90% of their users hate it:

    Yet they refuse to listen to them. Great business program there Yahoo, piss off your users, uh huh!

    All I have to say is, after 12 years at Yahoo, thank goodness for Gmail! lol :D

  • http://www.pspconverterformac.com/ PSPVIDEOCONVERTERFORMAC

    It’s a little pitty. They are responsible for their products.

  • http://www.controldatainc.com collection agencies

    Yahoo has several problems they need to address not only with their e-mail but the chat rooms which have several issues. Im not sure why a company as large as yahoo has not done somthing about it.

  • http://www.aclusa.org aclusa

    it’s really a great job from yahoo. I’m one of people that always use yahoo messenger for my business and other activity. i hope this latest version is so power full for us.

  • Guest

    newest versions,it’s useful a LOT more for them,less for us.It’s just a little part of great mass-control of our masters. NOBODY did some effort for US(even if they try to show you so),we are just some “machines” who are deppendent to be manipulated..:(

  • http://deblite.blogspot.com Deborah

    Yahoo IM is what I use because so many people have a yahoo ID but it’s clunky in places where it shouldn’t be.

    Those god awful emoticons – nuff said. They are hideous.

    Moving people from one group to another should be a drag and drop thing – not a “let’s go through 5 steps of clicking like a newb AOL user” kind of thing.

    If Yahoo uses less resources than MSN then MSN cuz really suck cuz Yahoo IM can be a hog or slow things down.

    One way Yahoo really sucks right now is pre-choosing things for the use that the user should have to click themselves to turn on. Like the difference between their “standard install” and “custom install” of the the IM client is also downloading the toolbar and a bunch of other yahoo crap that you have to DESELECT in order not to download it. Or when you log into mail lately the default is “keep me logged in” with the checkbox already clicked.

    That is bad usability. Users should not have to UNCLICK things. Also, I don’t want an additional screen popping up when I log into IM showing me all the “latest features” and the weather and a bunch of crap I never read! These are things that just slow down the time from log in to actually chatting and it’s annoying.

  • http://deblite.blogspot.com Deborah again

    I’m one of the folks who had an older version of the IM and couldn’t log in. This morning I went through several troubleshooting steps including changing my password. When I finally broke down and uninstalled messenger and went to download it to reinstall it, I came across this article.

    UH Yahoo that really sucks! You could have just had a message saying – download the new IM? Or you send out Yahoo email messages for everything else. It’s long overdue that you sent out an email to your users about Messenger. Why put me through over 30 minutes of troubleshooting or thinking it had somehow become corrupted when you’re simply not supporting the old versions anymore?

    That was not cool and I was not happy. Yet another reason I’m thinking of switching all my mail and stuff over to gmail, google chat, and stick to meebo for people I still have to chat w/ using Yahoo. Or I may just break down and join facebook after all. I’ve really been putting that off anyhow.

    • Guest

      chack all about fun

  • Guest

    New version is good but some J2ME YM for mobile like yamee or YMTiny cannot work anymore because they use old protocol :(

  • Guest

    version 10 of yahoo messenger is very “buggy” as stated in the above article. I have downloaded it only to find out that it does not work. can not read my IM’s coming in or going out. I have spent countless hours both on the phone and in chat with yahoo tech support only to find out they know it does not work, and they are still investigating as to wether or not it’s in their servers. This “investigation” has been ongoing for a month and a half now. I wish I could get an older version that works with windows xp home eddition. When you click on the link to download yahoo messenger, it automatically downloads version

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