Yahoo Uses Special Logos Too

    June 22, 2005

Changing the company logo to celebrate a particular holiday or otherwise notable event is a mainstay of search engines and Google. Every major holiday (and sometimes, events you may not have heard of), these two engines alter their logo to a design that acknowledges the special occasion.

In fact, Google is so well known for doing so; they’ve even got an archive that documents their creations. The reason this is being referred to is because it appears as if Yahoo has joined in the logo alteration fun.

Yahoo Uses Special Logos Too

This time, however, the alteration was done more for self-serving reasons instead of celebrating a holiday or special occasion. As reported by Gary at the SearchEngineWatch Blog (and as indicated by clicking the actual image), Yahoo developed the graphic in order to promote their Yahoo Summer Guide, as well as the summer itself.

The guide provides just what is says it does: summer essentials for everyone; with links to movies, sporting events, outdoor adventures, backyard activities, and traveling with your loved ones, to name a few.

Another thing that differentiates Yahoo’s graphic from other celebratory logos is the fact is the animated shark’s fin moving around in the back (if you can’t see it, clear your browser cache [CTRL+F5]). Nice touch. Hopefully, this leads to more Yahoo celebration graphics, now that they’ve let this one out of the bag.

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